Rock Climbing Dream Spots in the US

With school back in session, time for a lot of us to get back to shape. If you see hours at the local gym like some sort of a pain, consider getting fit while gawking at stunning views. Only climbing combine, workout, thrill, and 360 degree of contemplative freedom. It demands hours of focus and clambering steep cliffs. But once on top, you likely would never want to come down again. Luckily enough, the world is full of summits and mountainous areas. Here are some of the top rock climbing spots in the country to give into this extreme sports.

1. Hueco Tanks, Texas

Visit from November throughout March. Past that period it get too wind and hot to enjoy oneself to the max. There are also over 300 routes for all skill levels, guides and a ranch should you need a room or a place to camp. Access to the North Mountain is upon reservation with the local State Park authorities. Check this website for more information.

2. Lake Tahoe, Nevada

For the best rock-climbing areas north of Yosemite, you can bet on Lake Tahoe. It has some famous crags that cater to climbers of all types. Sugarloaf and Lover’s Leap are perfect in temperate conditions. To evade the hotter days, head toward the higher peaks of Eagle Lake Cliff. The prime time to start scaling is around March and April, or in November to avoid the summer heat. This means this is the right time to start preparing for it.

3. Rock Climbing a Monkey Face, Oregon

Monkey Face, like its name suggests is a 350 ft. rocky pillar that looks on its top like a monkey face. This rock climbing area has some of the world’s hardest climbs, with names such as “Just Do It”. Luckily there are more classic routes that lead to the top so you can enjoy the stunning views of the Smith Rock State Park. Some say that the real thrill is in the 200 ft. rappel back down. It is an accomplishment that some of the world’s best climbers are proud of. So can you.

4. Larrabee Beach, Washington

If you prefer beachside bouldering in beach coves, slabs, and cracks, Larrabee Beach is the place. Despite its small size and walls no more than 50 ft. high, it is a wonderful rock climbing spot with breathtaking beach scenery. No doubt it is also a fantastic place for family picnics with a little extreme sport. Just be sure to check the tide and wave tables beforehand for safety sake.

5. Red Rock, Nevada

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area has some of the world’s finest rock climbing areas. With over a thousand routes available, amateur and pros alike will find their fits. While it only offers day-long outings for no camping options, nearby Las Vegas will see to all your off-rock needs. Check out this Bureau of Land Management’s rock climbing guide; it has all the info you will need.

Rock climbing is an activity you must try if you have the chance. It makes for great outdoor adventure that will include camping, trekking, and much more. Are you ready to try it out? Where would you go? If you are a climber yourself, where is your favorite spot?