The Offbeat Honeymoon

Modern honeymoons largely fit a mold: the two of you decide on a destination, one of the pair is tasked with the bulk of the planning process, and you’re off to your destination – usually involving the phrase “all-inclusive” — a few days after your wedding. Those honeymoons are awesome, but sometimes couples looking for something a little more offbeat can be at a loss. No worries, we’re here for you – today we’ll list some alternatives to the all-inclusive resort for a more offbeat honeymoon.

The Outdoorsy Honeymoon

Ditch the resort, and embrace the great outdoors for a different twist on the honeymoon. The great thing about an outdoorsy honeymoon is that it doesn’t require traveling a long distance to get away from it all and enter a different world – sometimes all it takes is a tent and your nearest park. Even if you don’t want to do the legwork to plan a camping trip, there are plenty of cabins and restaurants in national parks that will allow you all the perks of being close to nature without any of the planning.

The Surprise Honeymoon

Traditionally, planning the honeymoon is tasked to the groom, however, frequently it becomes a joint endeavor. However, one of my friends who recently got married went to the extreme – her fiancé was tasked with planning the honeymoon, and she didn’t know a single detail until after the rings had been exchanged and the bouquet had been tossed. Being whisked away to a surprise vacation can certainly add to the drama and excitement of a honeymoon. If you’re anything like me, you were so focused on making sure the wedding day went smoothly, and weren’t thinking much of the honeymoon until after the ceremony was over anyway – adding an element of surprise can heighten the anticipation of the trip, rather than making it an afterthought.

The Volunteer Honeymoon

Known as “honeyteering,” a volunteer-focused honeymoon is the perfect outlet for a couple who wants to use their honeymoon as an opportunity to make a positive impact on the area their visiting. Volunteer-based honeymoons can run the range from a balance of altruism and luxury, to being solely focused on a volunteer experience. There are multiple organizations that can guide you to an area and a cause both parties will find meaningful – what better way to set the tone for your new chapter in life?

The Foodie Honeymoon

While most honeymoons involve plenty of good food, if you’re a hardcore foodie, sometimes simply dining at the best restaurants aren’t enough. Choose an area whose food both you and your significant other enjoy, and plan your honeymoon around immersing yourself in the food culture. Many areas offer regional cooking classes, which can give you skills that can benefit you beyond the honeymoon. Outside of cooking classes, there are plenty of opportunities for food tourism in the world’s top food regions – take a vineyard tour in France, a market tour in Rome, or a midnight street food crawl in NYC.