Going All Out: Double Trouble Joint Bachelorette in Boston

Two medical residents at a hospital in a Boston suburb held a joint bachelorette party! All the girls spent one epic Saturday night together in Boston. The size of their party attracted plenty of attention from other club-and bar-goers. I spoke to Lilly, a fellow medical resident and one of the main joint bachelorette organizers.

Pam and Janie are residents at the same hospital in different departments, and share a friendship group. Janie’s maid of honor, Ada, was the head organizer. But since she lived in a different city, Lilly took over most of the big-picture party planning.

Ada shared a Google spreadsheet with all 15 to 20 girls attending the joint bachelorette. Her goal was to crowd source, then to poll a list of activities. Lilly was the chief contributor in part because she had gone to college near Boston, and knew the city well.

Following Lilly’s suggestions, Ada was able to execute the operational logistics. She made reservations then emailing out the information to everyone in attendance. This was an effective division of labor.

All the girls checked into two hotel rooms at the Liberty Hotel. And they drank in celebration of the beginning of the joint bachelorette weekend.

A few hours later, they piled into a motorcade of taxis, which they had pre-ordered from the hotel desk. They took the party on a private tour of the Harpoon Brewery. The tour was a quick introduction to the brewing process and canning line. Of course, it was also an excellent opportunity to taste a range of freshly-brewed beer. It was a great success! It lasted for one hour and cost around $5 per person.

Per Lily, the brewery tour was success because, for many, it was a first-time- experience. The tour ended in a Beer Hall complete with long wooden tables. The party got more drunk over pints of draft beer served with pretzels.

The party then went back to the hotel to get ready for dinner. It took place at Tapeo Restaurant and Tapas Bar on Newberry Street, one of Boston’s most romantic streets. Everyone came out the hotel with matching crowns. The two brides-to-be wore extra sashes. The group with its size and matching accessories did not go unnoticed. Passersby shouted their congratulations and laughed with them. Throughout dinner, more friends dropped by who couldn’t attend the other celebrations. It was a rowdy dinner, and the sangria was flowing.

The party then returned to the Liberty Bar at the Liberty Hotel, which is a hot nightclub in Boston. One of its attractions is a dance floor on the balcony outdoors with a beautiful view of the Charles River. The attention-grabbing girls attracted even more people in the club, especially the two brides-to-be. The night ended after the Liberty Bar closed at 2am, at a pizza joint walking distance from the hotel.

Sunday morning, the party checked out of the Liberty Hotel and convened for bunch in the South End. It is where Boston shows off its cobblestone alleys and rustic Italian neighborhoods.

“Make sure there’s plenty of booze and the transportation is well planned out. You want everybody to drink and have fun.”, Lily advises all bachelorette planners. Talking about day planning, she said: “at the end go somewhere crazy and lively because that’s their last hurrah.

The most memorable part of the weekend, she said, was “dancing together in a group” at the Liberty Bar, with all the other guests looking on and making the two brides-to-be the center of attention.


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