7 Wacky Themed Hotels around the World

What is your darkest fantasy or your favorite bedtime story? What if you could live with Trolls or wake up in a new Bugatti? Most travelers don’t give much thoughts into lodging options other than price and amenities. But with a little imagination, you will find cozy b&bs and lodgings that bring dreams to life. Here are 7 amazing themed hotels around the world that will make any journey epic.

1. La Balade des Gnomes – Belgium

Magic brings your childhood fairy tales to life in this Belgian fantasy themed hotel. From an enchanted forest to a suite nested in the mythical Trojan horse, each room is full of magic and imagination. But what strikes visitors most is the elegance and the amazing details in decorations. Your inner child will believe again!

2. V8 Hotel – Germany

In the heart of the German motor capital, you will find a 4-star automotive themed hotel. The V8 hotel combines visionary design and furniture inspired by vintage cars. Come spend the night in a classic Mercedes or wake up in the legendary Volkswagen. Too bad they don’t have Bugattis, it would have been a dream come true. Still, car enthusiasts and collectors alike will fall in love with the aesthetic and the luxury.

3. Abali Gran Sultanato – Italy

Come spend 1001 Arabian nights in Italy. Everything here is richly decorated with a Persian flavor, so do not expect a rustic stay in a desert. Every room offers 5-star amenities and an elegance worthy of a Sultan. This themed b&b would make a fantastic romantic escape. Your magic carpet awaits!

4. Le Voyage Extraordinaire – France

Nantes honors its most famous child by inviting travelers to live in his most fantastic stories. In this Jules Verne themed hotel, or rather vacation rental, you will tour the world in much less than 80 days. The property will please the whole family. The main room is a giant suitcase and all around the property, guests can see travel souvenirs from Jules Verne’s stories.

5. Hotel Pelirocco – England

Come stay in this decadent pop culture themed hotel and revive Brighton’s saucy past. This original boutique hotel has rooms dedicated to sex symbols and music icons of the funky 60s. With rooms named “Pin Up Parlour” or “Play Room”, you just know this nice stay caters to couples looking for a romantic getaway.

6. Iglu-Dorf Zermatt – Switzerland

Welcome to the igloo village! If you never slept on an ice bed, this is your chance. Every December, an igloo village appears out of snow in the alpine regions. There are actually 6 villages, each rebuilt year after year with more than 3000 tons of snow. Artists come from all around to add the final ice-sculpted touch to the masterpiece. Amenities include whirlpools, saunas, and a hotel bar with all the hot beverages you’ll need. If you want a unique sustainable experience, this is it!

7. Featherbed RailRoad – USA

All aboard the midnight train! This railway themed hotel features 9 authentic cabooses redecorated to celebrate Americana culture. From the Harley Davidson to the Oriental Express to the Wild West, this runaway train is a perfect getaway for every Bonnie & Clyde.

Do you know any other wacky themed hotel, please share with us in the comment box below.