5 Reasons Seasoned Travelers Pack light (Infographic)

If you want to feel at home on the road, no need to pack the whole house. In fact, the more you take along the less comfy and convenient the trip will be. Don’t think only backpackers have to pack light. Here are 5 reasons seasoned travelers pack light. No doubt it will convince you to lighten your load as well.

5. Pack light for health and comfort

The first reason you should pack as light as possible is for comfort. Not handling heavy bags means less strain on your arms and back while getting around much easier. Your body will be thankful as you travel distances at an agile pace.

4. Easier to remember the essentials

Every seasoned traveler has a checklist. If you don’t, check this pdf for inspiration. The secret is to pack only the essentials, which are things you are sure to use on the daily, or you can’t find where you are going.

The more you try to stick to stick to the essentials, the more likely it is that you won’t forget the essentials. Also, once on the road you will find it more convenient to retrieve things from your bags.

3. Space for travel souvenirs

Another reason everybody should try to pack light: travel souvenirs! Don’t you love bringing back memories from your great vacations, often as gifts for your loved ones? But I am sure you hate having to dedicate an extra bag (and fees) to those trinkets.

2. Avoid the pain of lost luggage

According to the Department of Travel, there were more than 1.90 million lost baggage reports to airlines in 2013. In average, travelers have to wait 3 days before retrieving their lost bags. If that is not a good reason to make sure your suitcase travels with you in the bag compartment, then keep reading.

1. Overpacking is expensive

The number one reason to pack light hits close to the heart and dangerously close to the wallet. Analyzing the baggage fees of US top 10 airlines, it turns out an overweight bag will cost you in average $123. That adds up to as much as 30% of a domestic airfare. That should make you think about getting rid of the unnecessary stuff.

Check out the infographic below for more reasons to pack light and efficient. It might take organization and planning but the rewards make it worth it. Travefy - Why To Pack Light Infographic

Now that you know why you should pack light, tune in next Monday for a roundup of the best ways to pack light.