7 Tips for Female Solo Travelers

Be it for personal or business reasons, there are more and more female travelers around. They embrace the road with all its thrills and dangers. Maybe a little more than men, women need to be careful when traveling alone. So below are some general and safety tips every female solo traveler should follow.

Beware of alcohol

The first safety tip for the female solo traveler is to stay away from alcohol. You don’t want to drowse or, worse yet, pass out where you shouldn’t. Avoid drinking some hours before your flight. When you’re out partying, know yourself and your limits.

Secure all travel documents and medications

Keep all your travel and important documents with you at all times. Invest in a money belt or a concealed neck pouch. If you are carrying your smartphone, take photos of your passport, visa, credit cards, etc.

For medications, first check the list of meds you can carry to your destination and have the doctor’s prescription with you.

Pack it Prior

Make a checklist of things you need to take with you. Get and download this ultimate travel checklist, it will come in handy. Do it way ahead of traveling to avoid last minute packing. Chances are you will forget important stuffs when packing in a hurry.

Pack a Light Suitcase

Take only the necessary and most comfortable clothes and accessories. Choose accessories that suit all your dresses. Carrying fewer luggage means less hassle at baggage claims. Plus, all lone travelers know huge and bulky luggage can be toil. Favor roller bags or compact suitcases that fit the overhead bin.

Storing Items

Organize your packing spaces effectively to quickly retrieve anything you could need on the fly. That means storing gadgets and their chargers close at hand, together yet untangled. It is in airport terminals and restaurants that you see that packing these items is an art on its own.

Be comfortable

Note that your dress code will be the first impression you give locals. Hence, it will influence the way they treat and interact with you. Research and be aware of any dress code restrictions in the place you are visiting. A good rule of thumb is that you want to be as comfortable as possible when you travel; but you wouldn’t want to offend anyone by breaking taboos or anything. Learning and respecting other cultures is part of being a traveler, after all.

Be Alert

Be alert at all times. This is why you should be comfortable and confident in your look and attitude. Because you are a solo woman traveler, it is easy to catch the attention of unsavory people. Be bold and firm about yourself. Foremost, enjoy each second of your journey. Don’t let fear take away your happiness of traveling.

Follow these general safety tips for female solo travelers and you are sure to have a great experience traveling solo.

Author Bio

Marie Stone is a travel enthusiast, and freelance writer currently working for EssaysOrigin.com.