Sri Lanka: Amazing Tourist Attractions You Must See

Are you tired of the stressful heat in the lowlands? Sri Lanka has quite many cool islands favorable for relaxing in a cool breeze. It is also famous for its mountainous regions, which home national parks and tea plantations.

The cool climate in the highlands contrasts with the scorching heat in the coastline. No wonder it is the preferred destination for tourists. Follow me on a quick tour of Sri Lanka, its coolest spots and best attractions.

The Old British Islands of Nuwara

With its rainy and misty weather throughout most of the year, Nuwara will help you fight the heat. The attractions on these old colonial islands include hotels, resorts, and scenic landscapes. Outside of town, on acres of tea and jungle, thrones the luxurious Warwick Gardens. Its location is perfect for trips to Nuwara Eliya and Horton Plains. By car, foot or train, the highlight of your journey will be the incomparable scenery. Experience the bygone life in tea plantation bungalows at the Castlereagh Lake.

Adam’s Peak Mountains

Another resort you must visit. The revered mountains, in local believes, cast a mysterious shadow, at dawn. It is a picturesque view you must see to believe, which attracts local and international visitors alike. Do not miss the overnight climb of this mountain for an unforgettable venture.


These are spots where one can simply relax and enjoy the warmth and services of Sri Lankan people. The most outstanding Beaches in Sri Lanka are

  • Negombo Beach: best suited for foreign visitors due to its proximity to the airport.
  • Mirissa Beach: another beautiful beach in Sri Lanka that is very calm and private. It offers different activities like Bird watching, Surfing, Whale watching, etc..
  • The other beaches include Tangalle, Arugam Bay,Polhena beach etc

The Lower Hills of Kitulgala

Adventure travelers will find a home in Kitulgala. The weather, the flora, and the fauna are all perfect for sport activities and outdoor adventures. The surrounding woods beg for trekking. The White River Rafting, also known as the Bridge at River Kwai, is great for rafting or just spotting the local wildlife.

Sinha Raja Rainforest

The reserve welcomes eco-friendly and animal lovers of the world. It homes rare species of reptiles and birds you will want to see. In case you are not an expert, you can always rely on local guides to show you around.

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Perpetually bitten by the travel bug, Hannah has traveled across India, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Italy, and Australia. She writes on behalf of Sri Lankan Visas.