How to Plan an Awesome Travel Themed Wedding

You have read the books, watched the shows but still don’t know what the best way to plan your wedding is. I was lucky enough to attend a one-of-its-kind ‘travel themed wedding’ hosted by a distant family friend. Believe me, it was EPIC!

In this article, I am going to share with you some of the most amazing ‘out-of-the-box’ ideas for a travel themed wedding. So buckle up and enjoy the journey! Hope you have a good one.

8. Save the Date Card

We have all seen those boring boarding passes that we get when we fly. Perhaps you can use the concept for the design of your wedding invitation card. These creative boarding passes will set the tone for your travel themed wedding.

Give your guest a clue of what should they expect when they reach their destination!

7. Name the guest table

You don’t have to number or label the guest tables, so why should you? Because you could name tables after different cities around the world. Take it a step forward; add artifacts of its city to corresponding tables. Your guests will thank you for taking them on a trip the time of a reception.

6. Guest books!

Nah, too conservative! How about letting they pin down the places they come from on a map. Yes, have a huge map and provide your guests with pins for them to pinpoint their departure cities. You will be so proud to show off your global family and happy to see the miles people put down to see you tie the knot.

5. Wedding Favors

I have seen couples give out adventurer’s compass as their wedding favors. Hmm, I am not too big a fan of compasses as I see a lack of functionality in them. I’d rather reckon giving them a mini notebook with blank pages in it. You can have beautiful vintage maps perhaps from the 1600’s or 1700’s featured on the cover of the notebook.

It will be so exotic to see an ancient map of the old world on the cover or the back page of the notebook.

4. Decorations of the Venue

Well, you will have to get in touch with your banquet hall manager and take tips on decorating according to your travel theme. To the best of my experience, most of the staff have depth of knowledge about themed weddings and will often be helpful.

Some ideas would be to have travel books on the guest tables as centerpieces. You could create travel accessories like a vintage airplane or a globe to place at the entrance door.

3. Flowers

On your wedding venue, you are likely to have the place decorated with flowers and candles. To add to the travel theme, why don’t you wrap vases of flowers with paper that look like old maps?

2. Goodbye notes

Have a world map right at the exit and ask your guests to pin their send-off notes on the cities that they would love to visit.

Imagine the final artwork it will be. You and your partner might even pick up travel destination ideas you never thought of.

1. Cake for a travel themed wedding!

You can be so much creative with your cake and take the travel theme to another level. Keep it simple but stand out. A suitcase, a landmark, or some other travel-related accessory could inspire the design of the cake. Add to it passport or baggage tags for decoration, and you have yourself the most unique travel themed wedding cake ever.

I hope these tips will inspire your travel themed wedding. Just don’t forget to cherish the moment and keep in mind, “Travel is the best way to get lost and find each other at the same time”.

Author Bio

Suzan Hall is a part time blogger who loves to share tips and advises. She is very knowledgeable when it comes to banquet halls in Long Island, NY. She writes here on behalf of Leonard’s Palazzo.