Choosing a Hotel: How to Find the Best One for You

So you and your friends have decided to go on a trip. One of your main and first concerns would be the choice of lodging. We all rely on different factors when it comes to choosing a hotel, hostel, or vacation rental. Some rely only on hunch, experience, or word of mouth. Others pick according to cost, or the ranking spot in search engines. Making the wrong decision will affect your stay and your vacation altogether. So here are our top considerations when choosing a hotel that will be just right for you.

1. Reviews

With the internet and the constant feedback ability that it provides, it’d be a shame not to dig in that pool of information. You could start your search on Orbitz, or Kayak. There are many websites out there where hotel guests go to leave reviews, most tainted with sentiments. Some even provide you with deals so you can choose a great hotel at a reasonable price.

2. Star Rating

TripAdvisor, and such websites have their user-generated ranking systems. These are great but when choosing a hotel, you also want to look up the hotel rating and choose the one that best suits your needs. Higher stars (or diamonds) often mean better amenities but also greater cost.

3. Location

Party people will want a hotel close to the busiest streets. If you are on a weekend to relax, you will prefer a hotel out of town close to a park or a lake, for instance. Choosing a hotel in the city means easier access to eateries and local shops but they are also busier, louder, and more expensive.

4. Services

One of the overlooked factors when choosing a hotel is the services provided. Spa, pool, laundry services, etc., all these little things matter. Is there a restaurant or room service? When you are group traveling, you want to make sure there are all the services you need to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

5. Family (or pet) friendly

Maybe this is where the online reviews will help. You might want to know if there are options available to make family stays more enjoyable, like a swimming pool or a game arcade. Check out these tips for finding a family-friendly stay. Also, if you just can’t live without Fido, consider choosing a hotel that welcome him as well.

6. Hidden fees

Services and amenities don’t come cheap. The worst is when hotels drag you in with the low prices they display and then charge you with extra fees. There are many hidden fees you pay with knowing and that you could avoid. Spare yourself the nasty surprise with a thorough research. Mind calling the hotel or emailing management just to make sure.

7. Chain or family hotel

Reliability and consistency are things you as expect from a chain hotel. But, you are sure to have a unique and personal experience if you stay in a local or a family hotel. Chain or local, choosing a hotel comes down to your needs and resources.

Bottom line is that there are much more considerations than cost or just online reviews when choosing a hotel. Same goes for most lodging options including vacation rentals. What are your top factors when choosing vacation lodging?