Bachelorette Party in Montreal: the Wild One-Day Itinerary

Looking for a cool destination to spend one last mindless time with the girls? Consider Montreal. Yes Montreal, Canada. Party rockers swear by the quality of the nightlife on St Laurent Boulevard, and Crescent Street. By day and by night, you will meet the most beautiful people in the most gorgeous places you will ever see. There is plenty of literature online on Montreal’s night venues. What about the fun things to do during the day when you are in a large group of friends? Check out this one-day itinerary for an amazing bachelorette party in Montreal. Don’t forget to download the template included.

Start with a Brunch

So you had a rough night with your friends, exploring the city? Well, rise and shine. Start the day on a delicious tone. Montreal has some of the best restaurants for brunch, and they will be glad to welcome your group. For the best spots like Prohibition or le Cartet in old Montreal, consider a reservation. Otherwise, La Petite Marche, due to its size will accommodate your large group.

Go on a speed boat tour

Reward yourselves for making it out of bed early. By that, I mean in time to catch a late brunch. Anyway, here is your chance to enjoy a happy hour of rafting the Lachine Rapids and jet boating on the St Laurent River. Montreal’s breath-taking landscape will be yours to discover. Admit that it is a fun way to explore a city, don’t you think? There are many options online to tour the river and rapids; the top rated seems to be Saute-Moutons. It should be a good place to start your search.

Feast on a Poutine

French fries, topped with cheese curds and gravy. If you travel to Quebec, you must feast on their signature dish. Plus, I heard Canadian poutine is much more enjoyable than its Russian homonym. The best-rated spots in town are Poutineville (the name gives it away, no?) and “Au Pied de Cochon“.

Go on a brewpub Tour

Montreal has been a pioneer for the microbrewery movement. Don’t be surprise to find many “brewpubs” in town, and the best of them around the local university neighborhood. Check out this list of local and friendly bars in Montreal where you can quench your thirst and mingle with awesome people. You must try “Dieu du Ciel!” (which means Good Heavens!). You could also rely on Local Montreal Tours to show you around.

… Or chill in a park

By chill, understand sip on chill drinks relaxing in one of Montreal’s many parks. Parc Laurier seems to be most popular for outdoor activities and sports. Parc du Mont-Royal is the closest thing to Central Park, NY, so you get the idea. It is free, fun, and “in” to spend weekends laying back in these public parks. So go for it.

Dance under the Sun

Time to sweat out the alcohol. Like Seattle, Montreal always has some festival underway. On Sundays, you and your friends could attend a bunch of music and dance events. Climb Mont-Royal to the angel statue to enjoy Tam Tams percussion music. For an extension of your wild Saturday night, and about $15, attend the Piknic Electronik; a street rave that attracts the wildest party rockers in town.

Sightseeing from the top of Mont-Royal

If you attended Tam Tams, all the better for you. You couldn’t have missed the breathtaking panoramic views from up there. Go to the top, soak up fresh air, and enjoy the Montreal skyline. I’d say the best time to go would be at sunset, during the summer Golden Hour. This is the time and the place to immortalize the moment with Montreal as your backdrop. Make the photos meaningful and stylish; we already showed you the tricks.

Dinner time

Since that poutine, and with all the drink and excitement, you must be hungry and tired by now. Good. Time to go back to your hotel for a catnap and get ready to hit the restaurants (and bars!).

Montreal is a buzzing scene for foodies, and you might want to reserve some days or weeks in advance. What you want is a great place good for groups. Here is a list of options from OpenTable. For a high-end feel, treat yourselves to the Garde Manger. Otherwise, BEVO bar and Pizzeria will be a great fallback option.

Night crawlers, assemble!

Well, you had quite the busy and productive day so far. Chances are you strolled and saw the best of Old Montreal. The City of Saints could also go by the City of Sins judging by its lively nightlife. From lounges to bars to clubs and cigar pubs; there is everything you need to entertain the adult in you. For a speakeasy venue, try the Big in Japan bar in the Plateau neighborhood. The trending Stereo nightclub is the “house” music queen of the renowned Sainte Catherine Street.

Other options

There you go; here you have all the inspiration for an epic bachelorette party in Montreal. If you make it early summer around June or July, add to this bucket list, the firework competition that runs from June through to July. For your shopping needs, consider Montreal’s Side Walk Sales. They are also popular sources of fun activities and gatherings.

As often on this blog, when we throw an itinerary at you, we also provide a customizable template. Click on the link below to start planning a group travel to Montreal with your besties.

 View the Sample Itinerary

What do you think of this itinerary and our suggestions? What would you add or remove? Tell us all about it below.