Staycation get-together for the foodies

7 Staycation Ideas for a Fun Vacation at Home

School is back in session and with it, College Football is kicking off. At the same time, here comes Labor Day along with the last weekend of summer (at least that is what most of us think of it). If you haven’t put much thoughts into activities, and won’t have the time for a trip, I suggest planning a quick staycation.

A staycation is a vacation spent home that involves day trips to local attractions. You won’t need to book air flights or hotels, because this is all about exploring one’s backyard. It can make for fantastic outings and daylong excursions. Imagine all the local sites you dismissed in favor of foreign and exotic destinations. This is your chance to visit them.

Staycation by the beach

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1. Get in a food coma

Depending on where you live, chances are you have great restaurants in town. You don’t have to stick to local cuisine. Find a good nearby Indian restaurant for a Sunday morning brunch buffet, or a gyro for your After-game bar crawl. To help you in your quest, here are the top food discovery apps you can grab.

Every city now has its load of microbreweries and each of them has tasting rooms with deals on their products. How many of them have you tried? You never know where you will find your next favorite beer.

Staycation get-together for the foodies

2. Be adventurous

Try a day trip in a nearby state or to another city. Go for new activities in your hometown or outdoor sports that take you out of your comfort zone. From jet skiing on the local lakes to trekking into uncharted territories, there are many tonic and thrilling activities waiting for you. Choose your poison.

Surfing - Staycation to the extreme

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3. Beach, sun, fun

You could never go wrong spending a day at the beach. Nearly half of America lives on the coasts, and most of the rest near lakes and reservoirs. Better yet, 1 out of 5 Americans has a private pool. You could lay on your towel for a tan, or try a water sport. You could also relax by a waterfront, sightseeing, or get active with a barbecue. If you can get your hand on a boat, throw a wild last summer party, or turn it into a ‘boatel’ for the long weekend.

Busy Summer Beach

4. Street fairs and festivals

One of the best things about the long Labor Day weekend is its fair share of local festivals. Music lovers, shoppers, foodies, everyone will find something to take part in. Be on the lookout for flea and farmer markets, and street fairs. In Nebraska, from now until the end of Football season, you can find us on game weekends, tailgating. That is almost every weekend!

Staycation - Labor Day Festivals

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5. Cultivate your mind

I have visited in the past 2 years, most of the museums and cultural venues in the US biggest metropolises. I still haven’t set foot at the Omaha or Lincoln Zoos or the Sheldon Museum of Arts. I am sure you also dismiss your local attractions. Why not take the weekend and visit some of them? From outdoor film festivals to local shows, time to indulge in quality (free) entertainment.
Staycation - Museum visit

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6. A staycation where you stay

Sometimes, nothing beats a quality escape into the heart of your home. Catch on the ongoing 12-day “Simpsons” Marathon, or stream classic series off Netflix. I will try to finish all those video games I have been accumulating and never finding time to play.

Staycation: Relaxing at home

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7. Grilling

Potlucks and barbecues are also great ideas to cheer up your last summer days. A staycation calls for block parties; fun times with your family, but also friends and neighbors. Light up the grill, text out some invites, and next thing you know you have a wild one on your hands.

Summer block party

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These are just some quick guides for things to do on a staycation. The idea is to cut on the costs of a travel but not the fun. Explore your hometown and its surroundings, meet new people, and try new things. You will find it all to be as rewarding and exciting as a trip abroad.

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