5 Fun Family Outings to Try Today

It’s a sunny summer Sunday and it would be a shame to park the kids in front of a TV. Instead, why not head out and make the day special. Of course, you are already thinking that it would need planning and extra expenses. You are in luck; here are 5 fun family outings you can plan now and on a budget.

Visit the farm

It is the peak season to take the family to the farm. Kids will love fruit picking, hay riding, and bonding with the farm animals. On some farms, you could even ride a tractor. Do a little research for farms open for visit near you and plan this awesome family outing. Young ones will get a great experience from it and you will fill your trunk with fresh food.

Family, park, and fun

Ultimate Frisbee at the local park, or a showdown on the basketball court, anything to give the whole family a little exercise. To make things more exciting, form teams and compete for glory or fun prizes. Who knows, you might even inspire others to come join in on the fun.

Rediscover a local attraction

No doubt, there is a natural wonder, a park, or reserve near you. Pack some food for a picnic, and gear up for some Sunday afternoon hiking. Anything beyond the backyard opens up a world of excitement for youngsters. In Lincoln, we have a series of trails perfect for trekking and biking. Your city might have the same. There might even be a natural park or a sandy beach close to home, with plenty of activities.

Family outing to a summer festival

Lincoln has the rib fest ending today. Other cities, such as Seattle and New York, have outdoor film festivals. Summer festivals come in different forms and shapes, and there is always a free and fun one to attend. Plus, they cater to kids of all ages, including you, so enjoy yourself.

Surprise road trip

What about improvising a family outing to one of your family’s favorite places. Just don’t let them know the final destination, that’s part of the excitement. Prepare the fun sing-along tunes that the kids love, and have plenty to talk and laugh about. The long drive in the confinement of the car could be a great opportunity for the whole family to get closer. Imagine the joyful surprise of everyone when you get to his or her favorite ice cream shop or restaurant after the long detour.

May all of you have a fantastic Sunday. Why are you planning to do? Share you fun ideas with the rest of us.