Malta: Your Perfect 3-Day Itinerary

When we learned that Malta was the best overseas group travel destination, it piqued our curiosity. So we researched this Mediterranean island-country. What we found is 122 square miles of warm climate, fun adventures, and cultural appeals. Using Travefy’s itinerary planning feature, we came up with this three-day itinerary. We hope it will inspire your next travel overseas.

Day 1: Valletta and Mdina – the capital cities

Start your itinerary in Malta’s capital: Valletta. With over 300 monuments within just .3 square miles, it is a UNESCO World Heritage site to visit on foot. Stop by the St John’s Co-Cathedral, and the Upper Barrakka Gardens. These architectural beauties are the pride of a whole nation and places you must see. Take a break and enjoy a nice meal on the Valletta waterfront.

Spend the afternoon in the Silent City. Wander the old streets of Mdina and eye the architectural wonders of this cute city. Make your way to the St Paul’s cathedral, and the Mdina Dungeons. Next, dedicate the evening to the St Paul’s bay. The promenade by the bay has restaurants and bars that serve local and European cuisine. The beach is a popular venue for all sorts of activities including barbecue.

Day 2: Gozo, Sliema and St. Julian’s

Dedicate your second day to the exploration of the bays of the island of Gozo. Its capital city Rabat is 20 minutes away from Valletta by ferry ride. Spend the early morning inspecting the Dwejra Bay. It offers panoramic views of the whole island and its stunning natural wonders. Be sure to see through the Azure Window – a natural arch carved in the rocky cliffs in the inland sea.

In the afternoon, visit the Ramla Bay for all its beauty and mysteries. The Calypso Cave overlooking the bay is where Odysseus had lived as a ‘prisoner of love’. The red sandy beach in the bay is one of the most amazing water spots of the archipelago and a great place to swim.

In the evening, embrace Malta’s exciting nightlife. Dine in the peaceful coastal town of Sliema, renowned as the Maltese gastronomical hub. Afterwards, walk along the coastline to St Julian’s for a night of cocktails and dancing.

Day 3: Malta’s Blue Grotto, Hagar Qim & Three Cities

Make the last day all about extraordinary activities. Head South West to the Blue Grotto, famous for its underwater caverns. It is an ideal location for diving, swimming, and boat cruising through the natural rocky arches and colorful caves.

In the afternoon, depending on your interests, go to either Hagar Qim or the Three Cities. Hagar Qim is a UNESCO world heritage site, famed for its ancient shrines and temples. The Three Cities – Isla, Bormla, and Birgu – and their waterfronts will make epic backdrops to your last day in paradise.

If you liked this itinerary, we have it ready as a template in our itinerary planner. Log on, use it, adapt it, or create your own and share with your friends. Malta is a dream Mediterranean destination perfect for mainstream, adventure, and cultural tourism. It would be a shame not to let it inspire your next vacations.

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