Making Your Case for a Wedding Abroad

Instead of a home wedding, many couples are choosing to tie the knot abroad. There are a number of reasons why this could be a fabulous option for your special celebration.

The cost

A recent survey reported the average cost of a wedding in the UK has soared to more than £18,000 ($30,800). Chances are that trend is the same here in the US. Getting married abroad can be a much more cost-effective solution.

Great weather

The great thing about a foreign wedding is that you are likely to experience much better weather. You can relax, knowing the sun is likely to shine on your big day.

Beautiful scenery

Whether you opt for a beach-side wedding by a stunning blue sea, a dramatic cliff-top ceremony or even a rural vineyard, breath-taking scenery will make the perfect backdrop for your photographs.

Ready-made honeymoon

After the stress of the wedding build-up, a relaxing honeymoon is the perfect way to start your married life. Arranging a Maldives holiday and wedding from a firm specializing in that region means you are already in a lovely location and can start your holiday straight away.

Intimate wedding

If you and your partner would like a small wedding where your focus is simply on each other, getting married abroad means you do not need to accommodate anyone’s wishes apart from your own and can enjoy an intimate ceremony.

Celebrate with family and friends

A foreign wedding is also a great way to celebrate your special day with family and close friends, ensuring you all get to spend some quality time together, celebrate the big day while enjoying a fabulous group holiday.

Time factors

Planning a wedding takes time and in the UK many venues get booked up several years in advance. A wedding abroad still requires organization but in a shorter timeframe, you can get things done.

Unusual venues

Many people associate marriage abroad with beach wedding. Truth is that you should let your imagination run wild here. A villa by Italian Lakes, the Sydney Harbor Bridge, a vineyard or a cruise ship are just some unusual venues you might consider.

Less stress

Depending on your destination, you will find wedding planners, hotel event planners and travel companies offering wedding packages. They take care of all the pain so that you can lay back and say “Yes”!

Cultural experiences

You might combine your wedding with a trip that you have always wanted to take. Get married abroad and you could experience the fascinating culture of India, Africa or even South America as well as have the day of your dreams.

A dress with a difference

Who needs a traditional wedding dress when your feet are soaking in the Indian Ocean? Beach brides often opt for a shorter, more casual outfit that suits the weather and the setting of the wedding. Instead of expensive formal bridesmaid gowns, choose pretty dresses that you will wear again.

Exotic catering

This last one is for the foodies! Take advantage of the local cuisine to provide your guests with a memorable wedding feast. Not only can they enjoy delicious food but the bar bill is also likely to be a little cheaper than in the UK.

There are plenty of reasons why having your wedding abroad could be the perfect start to your married life. Which one did we miss? Which speaks to you most?

About the author

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