8 Itinerary Planning Tips

Carpe Diem! The adventurous live on the road, taking things day by day, and going where the wind takes them.

While the rest of us look at a trip as an escape from our daily routine, for others travel is a lifestyle. We want to live it to the fullest and see the world. With simple Itinerary planning tricks, you will master the road from your front door, around the world and back.

1. Plan!

It sounds weird to start here but we must. Itinerary planning is like military reconnaissance. Map down the area you will visit, know when you will be there, and the accommodations you’ll need.

2. Don’t get trapped

Read this fun piece. Done? Noticed how the author gathered ideas but still left room for discovery? Spontaneity makes the journey fun. Itinerary planning saves you valuable time to devote to your own entertainment, and those of your loved ones. You are on the road to escape the routine, so don’t bring it along with you.

3. Give yourself a break

Keeping on with the military analogies: a trip is not a military campaign for you to try to march over a whole continent. You don’t have to rush!

Build your travel itinerary so that you’ll have time to enjoy yourself or stay longer in that cozy bed if you want.

4. I’ll be back

Pompeii disappeared over night but Rome still stands. Plan as if you will visit your destination again some day. There is no way you will explore London in one day nor could you get the best out of Brazil in one week. Pick a few sites and give them their due.

4. Make it interesting

Don’t visit a place just because it is a popular tourist trap! Go because it offers things you like and are worth your time. In Mexico, ditch Cancun and head to Puebla to eat like a local. In France, there is more to French culture and cuisine than Paris. Beer lovers might flood Germany, but the connoisseurs go to Belgium.

Of course, it takes research and itinerary planning to dig out those hidden spots. Like the saying goes, “go where there is no path and leave a trail”, yours.

5. Party seeker

Just like you should focus your interests, organize your trip around local festivities and national holidays. If you decide to visit West Africa, the best time would be during the Harvest period. Brazil’s main cities are most attractive during their respective Carnival period. Search online for a calendar of popular events and plan accordingly.

6. Factor the weather

The perfect illustration: Home Alone 2. Remember how the McCallisters ruined their holidays in Florida by visiting at the worst time possible? You want to stay away from the rainy and the dry seasons especially when traveling South.

7. Exploit transport deals

Travelers have toured Europe for decades taking advantage of the EuroRail deals. Now low-budget airlines are taking over.

8. Simplify your process

Once you know the tricks for planning the perfect itinerary for you, what you want is an assistant to automate the process. Trust me, you don’t want to deal alone with the hassle of planning a family reunion, or a group travel, even with your best friends.

You will find many tools, apps and services that promise to plan the trip for you. Choose one that you are comfortable using.