7 Twisted Ways to Savor a S’more

Last weekend was just fantastic. I went to a little outing with the team, which ended with a little cookout. The highlight of that already awesome day was the s’mores. Ah, the joyful memories they evoked. The roasted marshmallow and the delicious Hershey chocolate sandwiched between two graham crackers. They had me begging for some more.

Given that National S’more Day is on August 10th, let’s revisit 7 twists to this legendary campfire treat.

S’more milkshake

Perfect for those hot summer nights out in the countryside, it will need a blender and ice cream though. Check out the Spoonful of flavor’s recipe for a creamy and delicious camping fun.

Peanut butter s’more

You just can’t live without your daily dose of PB? No problem. Substitute the chocolate for simple peanut butter or with PB-filled Reeses. This recipe says to double the marshmallows for more goo and taste. Your call.

Caramel sauced s’more

Just like for the PB variation, swap, or combine the chocolate with caramel. You could find some ready-made caramel at the store or test your culinary skills with your own batch of salted caramel.

Cookie s’more

There are no reasons why the chocolate should be the only one kicked out of the camping fun. Twist that s’more with chocolate chip cookies or better yet Oreos for what you could call… s’moreos. Cookie vs Creme, why choose?

S’more cookie

Oh Yes, s’more cookies. Soft and chewy stuff you will love to trap in your graham crackers. Notice that it differs from the above in every point but the delight they both would be for your taste buds.

Popcorn s’more

Someone with a real sweet tooth problem came up with this variant. Go look at it, I’ll wait! I loved the fact that the author mentioned alternative ingredients like Golden Graham cereals. This is one for the popcorn lovers not afraid of a little indulgence.

S’more croissant

The last one is for the gourmet among us, and for those who camp in the kitchen of their apartment instead of the rustic outdoors. Roll chocolate and marshmallow in croissant dough and off it goes into the oven. This complete recipe is gold.

Add to this list of 7, the Nutella and the peppermint s’mores and you are set to face the outdoors with style and indulgence. If I missed any of your favorite s’more recipe, please let me know. Better yet, share it with us.