5 Ways to Save Your Independence Day

Hello Independence Day. Independence Day has to be one of the most anticipated holidays of the year. Yet, I realized yesterday that many people do not have any planned for the occasion. Sad because it falls on a Friday and is attached to a weekend. Luckily, for you procrastinators, you can enjoy July 4 without breaking a sweat.

Plan a cookout

This weekend promises sunshine all over America. It would be a shame not to profit and plan a quick cookout. Try a grill in the backyard or a picnic. All you need is are an outdoor table, good food, and even better friends. The great thing about this idea is that it does not need too much planning. Make it a potluck and have your invitees bring a little something with them. Here are some patriotic recipes and drink cocktails to inspire the menu. But, remember: time is almost up so start sending those invites tight now.

Join popular Independence Day celebrations

People in big cities will not lack of options. I was looking at things to do in New York alone, it was overwhelming. For a smaller city in size like Lincoln (Go Huskers!), I guess the nation’s anniversary party will be in Seward. For all, a general rule of thumb is to seek out parades, festivals, concerts, food events, etc. Hit the web and search free and fun events near you. Last year, friends and I packed our own food and drink as we toured town.

Plan your celebration around the fireworks

The highlight of the Independence Day celebrations has always been the fireworks show. There is no better way to cap off a memorable day than colors illuminating the dark skies of a summer night. The best practice is to find the starting time and make sure to arrive early. Take some blanket and snacks along with you to pass the time. These will even be of better use once the show starts. Just lay back and enjoy.

Organize a movies marathon

What is your favorite patriotic movie? Time to update your Netflix queue with Hollywood blockbusters or cinematic classics. I suggest “Born on a Fourth of July”, the Patriot, “Independence Day”, and “Saving Private Ryan”. I must add to the list “Live Free or Die Hard”. The title itself sums up the spirit of the day and the plot is all about saving the American Dream. Cheesier options include “Olympus Has Fallen” and “White House Down”. You have more than 2 decades of July 4th movies at hand.

Improvise a getaway

An outing on July 4th listening to “Born to Be Wild”. Interested? Hit the road for the day or the long weekend. Ride solo or take the family and friends along. We are celebrating liberty here so it is up to you. Life is always better traveling with friends, though. Visit monuments erected as symbols of the American freedom. Last year, I strolled Lincoln with friends up to the State Capitol. There has to be many other options near you to choose. If you want to improvise a longer trip, go to Mount Rushmore, the Lincoln memorial, the Freedom Trail or a selfie with Lady Liberty. Here a list of top patriotic destinations for your consideration.