10 Travel Trends To Lookout For

The travel sector is in constant change, for better and worst. Travelers are always looking for new experiences, and the industry is coming up with new ways to meet their expectations. Here at Travefy, we also have eyes on things, not just for business purposes but also by passion. Check out these game-changing travel trends on our radar. Which ones will end up being just fads?

10. Nude tourism

There is always something going on (this time, rather off) when internet meets photography. After planking and selfies, will the next thing be topless photography? The “Topless Tour” movement maintains its momentum without ever falling into online perversity or pornography. Anyone heard of cases of indecent exposure?

9. Series and movie inspired travel itineraries

Breaking Bad” sent visitors to New Mexico on the trail of the infamous Heisenberg. “Lord of the Rings” fans flooded New Zealand searching for hobbits. How popular are the “Game of Thrones” inspired travel itineraries? Let’s just say Irish and Croatian tourism industry is gaining weight.

8. #YOLO to the Extreme

This is nothing new. Thrill seekers and adrenaline junkies are trendsetters on the adventure travel market. It seems we don’t jump off cliffs anymore, we camp on their faces in portaledges. Beats your boring camping plans anytime.

7. Child left behind

Will childfree zones in airplane cabins raise eyebrows or relieve everybody? So far, we see more people happy about the fact that baby cries will no longer disturb their beauty sleeps. More and more airlines are adopting this travel trend. Now if only they could do something about the other cabin annoyances.

6. Mobile travel trend

All travel brands are focusing on exploiting the special bond we have with our smartphones. The travel journey is dependent on mobile; from ticket booking to hotel room check-in and access, and even travel photography. But wait, there’s more.

5. Automated check-ins

Technology is more than ever serving its purpose: making human lives easier. British Airways allowed travelers to check in their own baggage using their smartphones. Air France is trying out a boarding system that takes advantage of phone’s NFC technology.

4. TSA bans powerless tech

In case you missed the information, powerless devices can’t fly anymore. TSA announced this July 6th that passengers might have to switch on their devices when going through security. UK soon followed with the same policies.

3. TSA pre-checks

TSA’s program to speed-up security check time for “low-risk” travelers could make traveling pleasant again. Not having to remove shoes, belt, or take out electronics from your carry-on will be realities again. Check out their program’s website for illegibility and terms.

2. More taxes on cheaper airfares

How far will this paradox go? While airlines are competing in low airfares to attract more customers, related taxes and fees increase. As of July 21, the federal Sept. 11 security fee will more than double. Would this be the only fee on the rise? We are on the lookout.

1. A place in space

You bet, the next best travel thing since the Air France Concorde is here, although not quite mainstream yet. For as little as $250.000, (3-day astronaut training included) you will experience zero gravity. Virgin Galactic’s space program should launch sometime this year and early adopters are booking. Are you one of the lucky ones?

If not, for about $75,000, West View Enterprises will fly you in a hot air balloon into suborbital space. Just imagine the romantic getaways ahead.

The year is halfway gone but the travel trends being set could be real game changers. A lucky few will walk in the steps of Neil Armstrong and Felix Baumgartner.

For the rest of us, the increasing travel assistance capabilities of our smartphones will be the most exciting travel trend of the year. Thoughts?