Going All Out: Bachelor Party in Reykjavík, Iceland

This glamorous bachelor party in Reykjavik is a perfect get away for a close-knit, fun-loving group of people. That is, those who love to party and are ready for a mini exploration of the rugged outdoors. I spoke with Ashton, who attended his college fraternity brother’s bachelor party earlier this summer.

Ashton met up with 11 guys in Reykjavik on a Thursday night. They all stayed at a rented apartment in a central part of the city. It allowed them to recreate some of their college fraternity traditions: eat a home cooked-meal together, drink beer on the couch in front of a sports game on TV, and general community living. Sharing an apartment is a great way to take the trouble out of coordinating a large bachelor party. It ensures that everyone is constantly part of the fun. During this particular weekend, the guys had as much fun partying out at the clubs as they did hanging out in their rental apartment.

On a Friday morning, Ashton flew from NYC to Reykjavik, which is Iceland’s capital and largest city. He joined the rest of the party who got there on Thursday, and who had gone out for dinner and drinks the night before.

Friday morning: No-hassle breakfast at the apartment, thanks to a bakery around the corner.

Friday afternoon: The famous Blue Lagoon hot springs complete with in-water massages, spa treatment and drink service. This is a must-do attraction in Reykjavik.

Friday evening: Seafood feast at a local restaurant, followed by bar hopping at a cafe bar, a cocktail bar, and a dive club. They eventually reached their final destination, which was a trendy nightclub by the name of B5. Ashton recommends getting bottle service ($200/bottle), which was unexpectedly cheaper than individual drinks ($22/drink). The party stayed out until 5am, having a great time.

Saturday morning: Breakfast at home. On the menu, baked goods from the bakery around the corner from the apartment.

Saturday afternoon: Reykjavik’s Old harbor and Kolaportið flea market. The group explored this historic district and stopped for coffee at a quaint cafe at the harbor. They then spent the rest of the afternoon at a bar watching soccer, and mingling with local sports fans.

Saturday evening: Two guys cooked dinner at the rental apartment for the whole party. The rest of the night was devoted to eating, drinking, playing cards, watching tv, and general hanging out.

Sunday: A few of the guys including Ashton had to leave for the U.S. early on Sunday. Those that stayed took a one-day bus tour around the greater Reykjavik area. The bus tour included a mini glacier hike, a short climb up a volcano and an easy trail to a mountain view of the beautiful Icelandic landscape.

For Ashton, the most memorable part was that it never really got dark in the summer in Iceland. “When we entered the club at 1am, it was bright out – it was like the day was never over!” That, he said, energized the bachelor party to stay out later, seemingly unaware of how late it was getting.


Going All Out is a weekly column by Nicole Kwoh that investigates real party itineraries. Each week, the column features a real bachelor/ette party itinerary from a different city around the world. While other columns may provide advice, this is the first one dedicated to what actually happens.


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