Travefy Flights Are Here!

You wanted flights and we’re giving you the goods. Travefy flights are here!

We’re thrilled to announce that Travefy now serves thousands of flights from hundreds of airlines and travel sites all integrated with your Travefy trip plans. Now you can search, save flight options to share with your group, book and add to your shared itinerary.

Travefy Flights


How to find the perfect flight!

Step 1: When inside your awesome Travefy trip, simply click the “Ideas” tab at the top of the screen.

Trip Home Page Flights Are Here

Step 2: Then select “Transportation” and click “Search & post flights”.

Post Flight Ideas Travefy Flights

Step 3: Simply click “Search and post flights” and add your flight information.

Search Flights Travefy Flights

Step 4: Enjoy your amazing results! Filter your results by price, duration, airline, and and more to find the perfect flight to Add it to your ideas board, itinerary, and book.

Flight Results Travefy Flights

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