Best Nightlife Activities in Florence

Florence is one of the most beautiful cities in not only just Italy, but the world. There is plenty to do and see during the day and night. Check out this list of fun nightlife activities in Florence!

1. Santa Croce Area. Hit some of the most popular pubs in Florence in this central area, especially on Via dei Benci.

2. Tabasco. Spend the night at Italy’s oldest gay disco – Tabasco – the perfect place to have a good time! Located just off the central location of Piazza della Signoria, you will enjoy a disco, cocktail bar and dark room.

3. Barceló. Although in action all day, Barceló kicks up at night as well. With its busy summertime atmosphere, it attempts the noisy clamour of a Spanish bar.

4. Teatro della Limonaia. This little fringe theatre hosts the Intercity Festival in late summer. If you’re looking for something different than mainstream theaters, you should definitely check out the Teatro della Limonaia.

5. Rose’s. This casual New York-style café serves pasta and salad during the day and becomes a trendy and lively sushi bar at night. The crowd at Rose’s can enjoy food until 11 p.m.

6. Zoe. Zoe‘s crowd consists of mostly students who come to enjoy cocktails while admiring the red interior, decked with art exhibitions. The bar is very popular with young locals

7. Tenax. For a concert, check out the leading venue for new, established, and big-name international acts. Enormous but easy-going, Tenax becomes a club after hours!

8. Meccano – Head here to get moving on the two dance floors, or hang out in the big outdoor garden. Meccano should not be missed.

9. All’AnticoVinaio – This one is for the wine lovers. All’AnticoVinaio has been known as one of Florence’s most popular wine bars for the last hundred years,