Going All Out: Bachelorette Party in Paso Robles, California

Going All Out: Real Party Itineraries

Bachelorette in Paso Robles, California

Explore this real life Bachelorette Party in Paso Robles and uncover ideas for a fun California weekend with your friends!

If you would like to have your bachelorette in California’s beautiful wine country but Sonoma is out of your price range, Paso Robles is an ideal alternative. Paso Robles is known for its wineries, hot springs, and orchards. It’s located halfway between San Francisco and Los Angelos, and driving distance from both cities.

This bachelorette party takes place in a rented mansion for one night, and was attended by 20 to 25 girls. For a large party like this one, renting out a house is a luxurious and affordable option that minimizes the need to coordinate everyone’s whereabouts. Furthermore, everyone is staying at the same place which means that the party is always going on, and it’s not always necessary to move to an outside venue. I spoke to one of the girls attending the party, Natalya, about the weekend’s itinerary.

A friend of the bride-to-be, Kelly, organized most of the activities. During the day, the girls visited wineries in the area on a group tour. All the evening activities took place at the mansion where everyone was staying. There was no need for designated drivers or limos or taxis to get everyone home! Kelly orchestrated bachelorette-themed drinking games, and then gathered the girls in front of the living TV for a fun showing of Magic Mike. After the movie, a male stripper made a surprise appearance, which Natalya described as “definitely interesting and unique” and the highlight of the party.


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