Tips For A Stress Free Summer Road Trip

After a brutally cold and snowy winter that seemed to send the entire country into chills, spring is finally beginning to break through. The warm weather of spring means the heat of summer is not far away, so you need to start planning your summer road trip or vacation.

Whether you plan a trip to the beach, a famous national landmark or to visit friends and family, there’s no question your summer adventure will be memorable. Just make sure your road trip is memorable for all the right reasons this summer. The last thing you want while driving across the country is to get stranded by a flat tire or some other mishap to take away from what is supposed to be a relaxing time.

Check out these easy road trip tips to make sure you have only happy memories from your summer travels:

Get your car checked out

This should seem simple and obvious.  Just because your car is running well today doesn’t mean it will be running well tomorrow after driving hundreds of miles in the heat.

Sitting on the side of the road with an overheating engine because you didn’t have enough coolant in your radiator is not what you want when your family is in the car and you’re far from a service station.

The cost of a quick check up will be less than a blown radiator, so make sure you get your car checked out before leaving on your trip.

Be safe

This is another obvious tip, but the rules get bent on road trips.

Sleeping with a seatbelt on isn’t always the most comfortable, or sometimes people like to stretch out and lay across seats.  Don’t sacrifice safety for comfort, no matter how long the drive.

Along the same lines, when you’re driving through less populated areas, the speed limit is still the law.  Make sure you’re still obeying the speed limit because it could save your life, even if it costs you a little time.


If you are driving more than a couple of hours, one of the biggest mistakes you can make is not preparing.  Be sure to pack snacks, pillows, blankets, water, caffeine and even schedule in time to rest if you are driving an extreme distance.  Also, be sure to have a small repair kit, even if it’s just duct tape and a few wrenches.

Keeping these simple tips in mind can help you make sure your fun summer trip doesn’t become a summer disaster.

About the Author

Celia writes about travel on behalf of Allstate Motor Club, an auto club that provides travel deals and other travel services and driving resources. Visit Allstate Motor Club for more on driving resources, roadside assistance programs, and membership information