Explore the Greek Island of Corfu

Known as the greenest island of Greece with over three million olive trees and the second largest of the Ionian Islands, Corfu is one of the most popular of the Greek islands. Some of the best beaches in the country and over 30 of them have been awarded the Blue Flag award for their safety and cleanliness. Full of beautiful towns and picturesque villages, secluded beaches and a green mountainous countryside, so this is why so many tourists make their way to Corfu each year.

When To Visit

Everyone’s first question when going abroad to a different country is when shall I go? Well Corfu is ready to embrace tourist from about Easter to late October. To escape the crowds of people and stay out the hottest weather that Corfu has to offer is to go around May to June; these are the best months to travel to Corfu. In July/August Corfu is in full flow the sea is warm the weather is good, but you will have to put up with the crowds as this is the busiest time for the island of Corfu.

Corfu Town

One of the best towns in all of Greece, it has its own special vibe as the city between two fortresses. The old town of Corfu has grown within fortifications, so this means that every metre of ground was precious. So is a very unique town with narrow streets, cobbled roads, and very often clean and colourful. The beautifully organised town is home to a lot of attractions worth visiting such as lovely French designed gardens, amazing palaces, and stunning monuments; the old town is full of different elegant buildings. In 2007 the old town of Corfu was added into the UNESCO World Heritage list.


This tends to be a young person’s paradise in Corfu, wonderful beaches full of life and water sports, as well as clubs and bars. The best time to visit here would be in the day as most of the young holiday makers will be sleeping and feeling the night before. Famous for its boat parties, street parties, foam parties and pretty much any party you can think of, DJ’s in each club playing popular music throughout the night. Cheap drinks, loud music, and flashing lights all add to the reason why so many Brits come here for a lively party holiday.


Almost the opposite of Kavos, Paleokastritsa is one of the most lovely and peaceful towns on the entire island and known as one of Greece’s beauty spots. Surrounded by olive trees and orchards, this town is popular with families and couples who want to get away from it all and enjoy a peaceful holiday in one of the most picturesque towns in Corfu. This town is also home to some of the best beaches on the island, from sandy secluded beaches with calm water and a gentle breeze.

The most visited place in this town is its 13th century monastery, which can be seen and visited today. The Monastery of the Virgin Mary which is more than 200 years old, is home to 8 Greek Orthodox Monks that welcome you into this magnificent structure. Even if you are religious or not it is still worth a visit for its fantastic views, breathtaking scenery and majestic qualities. 

About the Author: 

Jason Briggs is a travel enthusiast. Iceland is his favourite destination, he’s been there been there 6 times. Often joined with friends and family, he has travelled to each of the Canary Islands at least once and has been to a variety of places around Europe and Asia. Jason loves food and sports and is a proud Wolverhampton fan, also a big film fan (considers the best film ever made Scarface). Click here for All inclusive holidays to Corfu.