7 Tips to Save Money While Traveling

Who says that you need a lot of money to travel? Actually, you can go on and fly to the destination that you want and save. Here are some tips to save money while traveling.

1. Fly on Budget Airlines/ Search for Discounted Flights

If you are going to travel, always makes sure to look for the most budget-friendly airlines. Those airlines that offer cheapest plane ticket to your destination even without their promo. Or you can also search and check their websites for discounted flights and deals. This is number one of the obvious ways on how you can save money while traveling.

There are lot of ways on how you can save money on getting the cheapest airfare. First thing is to travel on your destination’s low season. Example is to not go on to a famous beach when it is summer.  Also, plan to travel early so you can immediately grab seat sales. When you are already sure of your getaway, try to book early for your flight. Let’s say, three months in advance or even more. Do not book a flight during weekend for many people prefer traveling during these time of the week and it is an opportunity for airlines to charge pricey tickets.

2. Do not Avail Check-in Luggage

Remember to educate yourself about the proper packing of your things when you are traveling. Also, try bringing necessary things only. Leave your closet and just bring clothes that you will use. Airlines are starting to charge for everything now, so as a wise traveler, we should always remember to pack things light. Don’t check in your things. You will save tons of money by not availing this service. Just use the free kilos of your hand-carry for important things. And if in case you exceed the weight limit, wear multiple layers of clothes or put other things on your pocket to avoid the extra charge.

3. Eat the Local Cuisines

Saving money while traveling does not mean sacrificing meals that you have to eat. Remember that most often than not these cheap food are the most delicious and authentic food that you can eat. Eat the local foods in every destinations that you are going to visit. You can save money from doing it and at the same time, you will be able to learn their culture. And eating local foods are one of the greatest experiences of traveling.

4. Get a Little Bit of Exercise

Do a little exercise even when you are in other places. Do not forget to move your body. It will save you money plus it is good for your health! Find some beautiful mountains available on your destination and go on for hikes. Or check on all their natural beauty by walking or running their hills. Know and do a research about the place where you are visiting so that you may know if some tourist spots are just around your hotel and if you can do a walk. You can appreciate the place where you are going to take some time by walking back to your inn absorbing your new surroundings. But remember, always take a map with you.

5. Use Public Transportation

As much as possible, walk in your destination to save a lot of money. But if walking is not possible in reaching your place, then make use of their public transportation. Go on for a subway or bus ride and smile with strangers that coming along your way. It may be not convenient to ride their transportation all the time, but just look at the brighter side of doing it. Just tell yourself that it will help you meet new friends.

6. Look for Cheapest Accommodations

Since you are just going to sleep and rest on the room that you are going to avail, it is just practical to look for inexpensive accommodations like hostels and inn. There is no need to spend a lot of money on lodging. Doing this is a significant money saver. You may lose privacy in using common bathroom or kitchen with others, but just try looking at the brighter side of it. You may gain new friends and exchange experiences with other travelers.

7. Visit Free Attractions/Sightseeings

One of the greatest way to save money while traveling is to avoid spending on to not so interested places to go to. Remember to always plan your trip, and that includes listing the places that you are going to visit. Make it a habit to make an informative itinerary for your travel. Keep in mind that not all tourist destinations are interesting. Do a good research on the place’s festivals. And to save a lot of money, visit their free museums and parks. You can create great experiences and capture good shots in these places without spending a cent.

About the Author:

The writer of this article is Dana Kurt. She is a full time student taking Business Management course. She loves writing and traveling during semester break. Dana is also working as part-time writer for bestessays.com.au using her smartphone. Her dream is to travel Europe someday.