10 Movie Theaters Worth Traveling For

Sure, you can watch a movie on your TV, iPad, or laptop, but there’s still something exciting about seeing a movie in the theaters. The reclining comfortable seats, delicious snacks, and exciting previews are always what I enjoy about going to the movies. There are tons of places for you to watch a movie, but here are 10 movie theaters worth traveling for!

1. Nokia Ultra Screen: Bangkok, Thailand – This actually might be the coolest theater ever. It features motorized reclining seats, free snacks in the theater’s VIP lounge, and a complimentary foot massage.

2. Sundance Kabuki Cinemas: San Francisco, CA – Located in San Francisco’s Japantown district, the Sundance Kabuki is home to several different film festivals. The theater doesn’t show ads before the movie and offers reserved seating for your convenience! You can also enjoy upscale bars and restaurants before or after your movie. The third-floor balcony bar is great for a successful night out to the movies.

3. Alamo Drafthouse Cinema: Austin, TX – Picture this: watching your favorite movie with state-of-the-art surround sound and waited service that delivers gourmet beer and Tex-Mex food right to your seat! What can be better than that?

4. Prasads IMAX: Hyderabad, India – Known for being the largest 3D IMAX in the world, this cinema shows a 72 ft by 92 ft screen and a 6-channel sound system. The theater is part of a 235,000 square foot multiplex that also offers a food court, shopping mall, and games!

5. AMC Empire 25: NY, NY – This giant multiplex has 25 screens and is located in the heart of Times Square. This theater has frequent showings of almost every movie out at the time – even Imax and 3D!

6. Rave Motion Pictures Town Square 18, Las Vegas – Located in the outdoor Town Square shopping area pretty close to the Strip, this theater has stadium seating and bars for you to enjoy. The mall hosts local events, including free outdoor movies you can check out afterward. The theater offers a selection of indie movies as well as whatever movies are popular at the time.

7. Electric Cinema: London, England – Located in the Notting Hill district, this awesome theater features leather armchair seats, two-seater sofas, and double beds! They even provide cashmere blankets for your comfort.

8. Cine de Chef: Seoul, Korea – This theater allows moviegoers to eat upscale French-Italian cuisine. After dinner, they can relax and watch a movie in one of 30 seats created by the same people who make private movie theater seats for Saudi royalty!

9. Rooftop Cinema: Melbourne, Australia – What’s better than a good movie and a great view? Enjoy a movie on the roof of a building that also happens to be a kung fu academy, cookie bar, and a bookstore! Blankets are provided for you in case it gets chilly.

10. Cine Thisio: Athens, Greece – This theater was first built in 1935. Not only do you get to watch a movie, but you also get to enjoy a great view of the Acropolis and the Parthenon.