Russia: Dig into the travel potential of the world’s largest country

Generous hospitality, exquisite architecture, and beautiful ballet concerts are conquering the hearts of millions of tourists who step foot each season in Russia.

Featuring diverse landscapes of sun-kissed beaches and icy tundra, Russia constantly surprises its travelers with its mysterious lakes, wild forests and architecturally astounding churches. To really understand Russia you are advised to include on your travel itinerary places like the famous Lake Baikal, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Sochi, the Kaliningrad region, superb Volga river and fascinating Elista, the sole Buddhist enclave in Europe.

Visiting Sochi

Sochi, this Russian Riviera pearl and host of the 2014 Winter Olympics, is one of the country’s most astounding travel destinations. The urban appeal of the territory, high-rise buildings, intense traffic and seaside retreat vibe will certainly appeal to international voyageurs looking for a different kind of Russia. Sochi is currently undergoing an extraordinary makeover, and major investors will soon enough make it a world-class resort.

The natural wonderland with an opening to the Black Sea and a beautiful view of the Caucasian Mountains has a lot to offer for tourists. Starting with alluring parks and monuments to an extravagant Stalinist architecture, Sochi is without a doubt one of Russia’s most incredible travel destinations to date.

Sailing across the magnificent Lake Baikal

Surrounded by tree-covered, rocky foreshores, Lake Baikal has a banana shape and a depth of 1,637 m, which makes it the deepest in the world. Believe it or not, it contains about 1/5 of Earth’s unfrozen fresh water, a lot more than the Great Lakes combined. Visiting the lakes is slowly becoming more accessible for tourists curious to explore Russia off the beaten track.

For an unforgettable experience across the lake you are advised to opt for a guided cruise. Prices start at $600 and the best time to engage in such an experience is throughout the month of March. Lake Baikal is Russia’s heart and soul; it’s truly grand and incredibly beautiful so if you’re an adventure freak, a visit on the premises will leave you speechless.

A glimpse at Siberia’s friendliest cities – Tomsk

Tomsk is positioned about 260 km away from Novosibirsk, and it’s a beautiful city to explore for travelers fond of the cold weather. Also known as Siberia’s most enjoyable territories, Tomsk mixes examples of exquisite wooden mansions and grand commercial buildings with a modern, dynamic appeal that will grab every tourist’s attention. Famous for its universities, Tomsk hosts young inhabitants and it’s a quiet yet fascinating city to explore.

Among some of the best places to see in the city, we should mention the KGB Museum (located at the original site of the KGB), the Regional Museum of Local Lore, the Drama Theatre, the Wooden Architecture Museum and numerous others.

The eternal beauty of Moscow

Packed with billionaires and unparallel architecture, Moscow is one of Europe’s most expensive capitals.¬† Over the years its territories have gone through various incredible changes. Deserted warehouses and former factories have been successfully transformed into intriguing underground clubs and jittery art galleries. The multitude of coffee bars and wine bars keeps Moscow alive and gathers millions of international tourists fascinated by the Russian culture.

Moscow’s birth started with the Kremlin, and hundreds of monuments and churches still remember the historic battles and the fallen heroes. The heart of the Church the Kremlin is Russia’s apex of political power. It’s the place from where autocratic tsars and communist dictators have ruled Russia over the years. Visiting the Kremlin is a must not just because it’s historically acclaimed, but also because it’s the key to really understanding the Russian culture, the people, as well as their customs and traditions.

Russia’s travel potential is immeasurable. Apart from the extraordinary wild life, beautiful architecture, and acclaimed history, the country boasts with fabulous travel attractions. In spite of the chilly weather conditions, international tourists are still coming to Russia to know more about the people and explore its most spectacular travel spots.

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