Popular Wildlife, Jungle, and Safari Destinations

From polar bears in the Arctic to the majestic tigers of India, wildlife vacations let you encounter some of the rarest and most enchanting animals on earth. One can see many of these animals through the excitement of an African, Asian, or South American jungle safari and camping.

You can drive through animal parks and observe the behavior of the countless wild animals. Catch a herd of elephant drinking water at the lake or watch deer grazing on tender grass. Sights during a wildlife safari are memorable and shouldn’t be missed.

Best jungle retreats

If you are looking to take a wildlife safari, here are my recommendations.

  • Belize. Explore the serene environs in Belize. Nature lovers must head to this destination to enjoy the pristine nature and the natural habitat. Catch the beauty of Belize as you plan a stay that is away from the crowded city. You can take part in forest walks and catch sight of a jaguar. Puma, ocelot, jaguarondi and margay can be frequently spotted.
  • Tanzania. Relax with a wildlife safari in Tanzania. Travel through the unexplored jungles as you set out on a walking safari. Watch the birds that perch in the tropical forests. You can select among tented lodgings and cottages for a luxurious stay in the woods. The black rhino is very common in Tanzania. Zebra and gazzele are parts of the ecosystem.
  • South Africa. Kruger national park in South Africa is famous for its diverse wildlife. It offers one of the best safari experiences. You can spot crocodiles, hippos, cheetah, giraffe and crocodiles. It is one of the well-maintained parks in the world. South Africa is one of the popular safari destinations in the world and is home to leopard, lion, buffalo, rhinoceros and elephant.
  • Kerala (India). You can hike the tiger trail at Periyar tiger reserve in Kerala, India. This reserve in Southern India can enable you to see endangered flora and fauna. You can plan a bamboo rafting and spot bison, deer, elephants and boar. You can start your expedition early in the morning and explore the interiors of the forest.
  • Maharashtra (India). Tadoba reserve is located in the district of Chandrapur in north-eastern Maharashtra. You can plan a trip to Tadoba Andhari tiger reserve and spot the diverse fauna. Catch a glimpse of sloth bear, sambar, Indian bison, spotted deer and barking deer. Best time to visit the forest is from February to May. Browse across the Tadoba hotels to find a suitable resort for your vacation.
  • Rio Negro (South America). Manaus in Rio Negro is a wonderful tropical retreat. Hire the services of an informed guide you can show you round in the interiors of the woods. Take part in fishing and alligator watching safaris. Plan your vacation in Manaus and enjoy the authentic amazon experience. This tropical region is famous for rare species of birds, snakes, friendly dolphins and spiders.

A wildlife safari is an unforgettable adventure!

Author Bio:

Jeremy Townsend is travel enthusiast and writer. He recently planned a jungle safari with his family at the Tadoba Andhari reserve and booked his stay at the Tigers’ Heaven Resort (who he also writes for).