How To Save Money In Casinos

Either you are exploring the wonders of Las Vegas, discovering Atlantic City or Biloxi’s casino resorts, you need to learn how to control your losses in order to make the fun last as long as possible. Yes the house always wins but it doesn’t mean you should not give them a run for your own money. Here is how to save money in casinos you visit throughout your travel adventures.

1. Set a budget

Yes, the easiest way not to succumb to the temptation of gambling your whole travel budget away is to set a budget — make sure it corresponds to how much you can afford to lose and nothing more. Enter the casino’s floor with only that budget in your pocket, especially if you know that carrying credit cards on you might push you to exceed the set budget. Just one last… I feel I will win the next hand…

2. Choose the right game

Professionals choose their favorite games according to their payback percentage — i.e. how much they are likely to lose per play. According to the Art Of Being Cheap blog, Blackjack, Craps, and Pai Gow Poker are the casino games where you have more chances to win. While video poker’s payback likelihood varies, it is one of the easiest and prefered casino games out there.

3. Know the rules of the game

Only crazy people would bet real money on a game that they don’t know how to play. Not only you should know the basic rules but you must also know the tricks of the trade. A quick Google Search should bring you up to date. If you want to be a little more serious, you might need some practice — hopefully with fake chips at home with your best friends.

4. Play low limits

You know you are there for the thrill of win some hands before you end up losing. If you want the fun to last long enough, make sure to lose as little as possible every time. Every table in every game has a minimum bet; stick to it all the time. Some casinos offer special bonuses; avoid them at all costs, they are there for suckers and greedy players.

5. Quit while you are ahead

General rule of thumb: always quit while you are ahead. When you play at a casino, often you lose but sometimes you win — after all, that is why casinos are so exciting. The adrenaline rush when you win is what makes you want to come again, to bet again, and keep on playing even when you are losing. You hope that the luck will turn. Don’t be too greedy — unless you are there just for fun and not so much for the money.

Casinos are a lot of fun. But when all is said and done, you want to keep good memories and not regrets of your night. Hopefully, while these tips won’t turn you into a poker expert or a sweeper at the casino, at least it will make sure the good time last as long as possible. Cheers!