Five Things To Consider When Studying Abroad

Not all college students are given a chance to study abroad. But it’s a good experience, both for your learning and personal life. It’s an honor to put that in your resume, plus, you’ll never forget the times you lived in a foreign city and got the chance to study there.

For those who are blessed to have studied abroad, the experience may not be easy as it seems. There are many considerations to fulfill. For those who might study abroad, here are some five important considerations to know:

1. Clothing

You have to adapt to the climate of the country where you’re studying. This is one important consideration when you’re off to pack your bags and take a plane ride as an exchange student. Study first the place you’ll be staying in and the climate pattern, then consider the clothes you’ll be packing. Don’t over-pack, as baggage fees can skyrocket when you have too many bags with you. Choose the most essential clothing you’ll need, like jeans, pants, jackets, and underwear, and throw in one or two trendy pieces, like a little black dress or coat and tie for formal events.

Once you get there, know the places where you can buy cheap, nice, and sturdy clothing. For all you fashion plates out there, one of the advantages when you’re studying abroad is when you get to go out and explore the nice buys you can see in your home city. Yet, you should purchase some clothes wisely, and it has to last you for a long time.

2. Food

You’re on your own now, attending college and exploring a strange new city. Know the best places to get groceries, meals, and other foodstuffs at a budgeted price. It also helps if you’ll bring in some food items with you so you won’t miss home so much, like a bag of chips or some packed nuts.

Cooking skills can come in handy if you’re staying at a place wherein you’re allowed to cook your own meals. Better yet, if you’re staying at a host family, feel free to ask the host mother or anyone who has a knack for cooking. Learn one foreign dish that suits your fancy. It’s a talent that comes in handy.

3. Place

Once you get there, you have to familiarize yourself with your place. Know the streets, the establishments, modes of transportation, and routes going to important places. It’s not just being familiar with the usual tourist spots, but also knowing your home city like you’ve lived there for a long time. It may be confusing at first, but after having been to places for quite some time, it will begin to feel like home. 

4. People and culture

Learn to adapt to the culture of the country and the city you’ll be staying in. This means being respectful and understanding towards cultural differences you might encounter. This can be a good learning experience for you.

If you’re worried that you might not make any friends there, don’t fret. Start with one or two people that you feel comfortable talking to and interacting with. Ask questions if you’re confused about anything. It’s better than not asking at all.

5. University life

Since you’re studying abroad, going to classes is just the same like you did back home. Explore your university and know how’s it like to stay there for a day. Know where the important spots are located, like the college library, cafeteria, faculty room, and clinic. Observe and always act your best like what is expected of you. This is a reminder that you need to take your studies seriously. Studying abroad may come in the guise of being a tourist and having fun, but don’t forget the studying part of it. You’ll still be reviewing and passing your requirements to your instructors, so keep up your student mode and enjoy the experience at the same time. Reward yourself for a job well done by going to events and tourist spots.

These five items can guide you through the hectic and fun life of living and studying abroad. Au revoir, and enjoy!

About the author:

Tamie Thomas is a college student and was lucky enough to travel abroad two semesters ago. She is active in her writing org and is considered as one of the best essay writers in her batch.