Colorful Colorado Has It All!

Colorado is a nice vacation destination packed with things to do year round. From the many tourist attractions, national parks to visit, outdoor adventures and cosmopolitan cities, a trip to Colorado can surely help a vacationer keep their itinerary full. People shouldn’t forget to include some of the major Colorado attractions, natural hot springs, world class ski resorts, gold mines, historic cave tours and fun night life that are all over the state of Colorado. Visitors should take time to view the amazing mountain attractions, glide over a mountain in a balloon-ride, tour the historic town of Aspen, dance to the beat of the many music festivals, try their hand at the lucky casinos and get out and experience the amazing night life in Vail. Travelers can tour the many wineries and breweries, attend food festivals, enjoy a Denver Bronco’s game and much more. 


Boulder is nestled inside the foothills of Colorado, right where the rolling plains meet up with the amazing Colorado Rocky Mountains. Boulder is just an hour from Denver International Airport, the Rocky Mountain National Park and Eldorado Ski Resort. Being just a few hours from Colorado’s most famous ski resorts makes Boulder a great Colorado destination for visitors. Boulder was recently rated the #1 Sports Town in America by Outside Magazine because it offers so many year-round sports activities. Boulder has plenty of biking and hiking trails, over 200 miles worth, for those interested.

Denver and Colorado Springs

There’s a lot more to Colorado than just mountains. Denver is an extremely popular world-class city full of first rate fun. From plenty of shopping to fine dining, Denver has it all. The home of the United States Air Force Academy is just south of Denver in Colorado Springs. They have some outdoor adventures to enjoy such as climbing the Garden of the Gods or caving. For a hair rising adventure, everyone should take the railway to the very top of Pikes Peak.

Historical Sites

For those interested in history and archeology, Mesa Verde on the South West side of Colorado is a great place to visit. You’ll be quite surprised at the many remains there from the thriving American Indian civilization that made their homes right on the sides of the cliffs. Oftentimes, we downplay what we have right here in our backyard, but just like other ancient ruins, the cliff dwellings here are amazing. You can walk around on your own or have a ranger guided tour to get more information on the people who lived in the more than 600 dwellings. Just a tiny bit of the archaeological sites are unearthed, but there are so many open to the public that you are left in awe. While there, think about taking the full-day tour of Ute Mountain Tribal Park. The guide here will explain the many petroglyphs and wall paintings and explain the history of Ute. Certain times of year, you can take a special tour by horseback. While touring, stop in the Pottery Factory where tribal members paint modern and traditional patterns on pots.

Hot Springs

Hot Springs just might be on your list of places to visit. Honestly, one of the major attractions is the ability to go au naturel after dark. Stay overnight in a nice, rustic cabin or take a chance spending the night on a train caboose with a lovely fireplace. Plenty of hot springs bubble up from the grounds in the state, including the Glenwood Springs Great Kahoona.

No matter what you are looking for or where you are in Colorado, the state holds a special place in the hearts of visitors and is one of America’s top vacation destinations. Come and make Colorado a part of your life as well.

About the Author:

Darren Davis is a truck driving instructor and published travel writer from Tucson, Arizona.