5 Cities to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

As St. Patrick’s Day approaches, it’s time to start thinking of plans to celebrate! Green beer, rowdy people crowding the streets, and fun parades usually come to mind when people think of St. Patrick’s Day. But some cities do even more for this fun holiday. Check out these five cities where you can party your shamrocks off!

1. Dublin: 

What St. Patrick’s Day list would be complete without Ireland itself? If you get to Dublin a week before St. Patty’s Day, you can take a walking tour of the city with Irish author and historian Pat Liddy. Through the tour, you’ll walk around the city and see where Saint Patrick himself walked the streets. You’ll also stop at medieval cathedrals and other historic sites. On Saint Patty’s Day, join thousands of people at the parade at Parnell Square. After the parade you can head to the Irish Craft Beer Village, where you can learn how to craft beer, drink, and enjoy Irish music.

2. NYC: 

The Big Apple’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade has been going on for more than 250 years, making it the oldest and biggest in the world! The parade is made up of firefighters, military, police groups, bands, and so much more. The parade usually lasts for about five hours even though those who march only walk a mile and a half. Usually there are about two million people who come to watch the parade each year, packing out the streets in the city. After the parade, many people go bar hopping around the city, drinking green beer and dressed from head to toe in green!

3. Toronto: 

The main event in this city is the Grand Marshal’s Ball. At the ball, guests get to get dressed up for a sit-down dinner, drinks, and live entertainment. They also hold a parade, where you can head to the bars for drinks and celebrations.

4. Syndey: 

Australia goes green for St. Patrick’s Day as well! The Sydney Opera House lights up with green lights for the celebrations down under. The Aussies get very into their parade as well, which has different themes for the marchers.

5. Tokyo: 

At the parade in Tokyo, revelers dress as Leprechauns to take part in the festivities! More than 1,000 people participate in the parade to commemorate Saint Patrick.