White Nights and Summer Day Experiences in St. Petersburg

The Russian people call them belye nochi, or the white nights because they’re luminous, incredible mid-summer eves mostly visible from the staggering city of St. Petersburg in Russia. The sky features a pearlescent glow throughout the night, which is why most tourists have named the phenomenon the white nights. If you happen to be in the city this summer season and you want to delight your senses with a truly spectacular experience, have a good time during the white nights will truly spice up your European vacation.

Plenty of concerts, festivals, and outdoor events are being organized during this time so it’s definitely a time of the year worth seeing. Tourists are constantly looking for interesting, new, and of course, impressive locations to spend their holidays. St. Petersburg is an excellent choice because it’s not just a cultural city to explore, but also an irresistible travel destination you’ll remember forever.

The show begins in May, as soon as the temperatures cool off the spring starts to make an entrance. The parks are blooming and as June kicks in, the white nights are becoming increasingly more intense. Some activities you might want to benefit from in the summer, during this incredible lighting phenomenon are:

Attend the White Nights Festival

The annual arts festival consists of a series of musical, opera, and ballet events. It will also feature beautiful live performances by famous Russian musicians, dancers, and singers, as well as international shows with international stars. The culminant point of the White Night season is the Scarlet Sails, Russia’s largest public event that manages to gather over one million people annually.

Explore the Summer Garden

Better known as Letnii Sad, the garden is particularly meant for relaxing walks during the peaceful summer days and nights. The superb shady avenues are decorated with structural white marble statues and the soothing fountains spread all over the place will certainly make your St. Petersburg  travel experience romantically enticing. If you’re fond of the sun, make sure to walk along the Peter and Paul Fortress; admire the impressive riverside and transform your Russian holiday into a memorable experience.

Swimming in Lake Ladoga

Lake Ladoga is a favorite summer destination locals enjoy, especially during the White Night season in St. Petersburg. The spot is perfect for cooling swims, picnics, and canoe paddles, so you’ll definitely have a great time. Stop by Komarova Beach, on the Finland Gulf and enjoy the breathtaking location. It may not be the Caribbean, but it’s still a memorable spot to check out while in St. Petersburg.

Over the last decade, St. Petersburg was completely rejuvenated thanks to Russia’s booming economy. Hence, the White Nights have become increasingly more lively and entertaining. Many entrepreneurs have invested tons of money to make new hotels, bars, and restaurants, thus welcoming international travelers to enjoy memorable holiday experiences.

The Wonders of St. Petersburg

The beautiful city of St. Petersburg was built on what used to be more than 100 islands. Natural canals, creeks, and streams were flowing into the Baltic Sea through the mouth of the River Neva. Nowadays, the city is a modern metropolis with superb attractions and plenty of activities to benefit from the whole summer season. On the south side, travelers will feel like in Venice due to the soothing canals, not to mention that here you’ll come across most of the city’s primary landmarks.

Palace Square, The Hermitage Museum, Kazan Cathedral, and the former Winter Palace will certainly draw your attention. Their architecture, historical background, and overall opulence will not just amaze you but also make you curious to know more about the history of St. Petersburg. The world-class city is Russia’s second largest metropolis after Moscow, and it accommodates more than 5 million people.

Due to its widespread historic center, baroque bridges, and cultural insights, St. Petersburg was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Basically, everywhere you look there’s a historic edifice ready to be admired. If you haven’t thought of travel destination for this 2014, planning to see Russia might seem like a great idea. The White Night Show of St. Petersburg, cultural allure, welcoming people, and amazing activities, are waiting international travelers to delight in the most extraordinary European travel adventure.

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