What the Super Bowl means to us!

Here at Travefy, we love the Super Bowl and any excuse for the 3 F’s – Friends, Football, & Food.

In anticipation of tonight’s big game, we asked Travefy’s David, Scott, Matt, Chris, & Derek a few questions about their Super Bowl traditions and football passions.

Favorite Super Bowl Food?

Scott: Wings, pizza and good American beer.

Matt: Chips and Cheese dip

Derek: Chips & Salsa

Chris: Wings

David: Pigs in blankets. (Also my favorite food period.)

Favorite Pro-Football Team?

Scott: Toss up: Greenbay Packers / Denver Broncos

Matt: Detroit Lions

Derek: Green Bay Packers! I grew up as a huge Brett Favre fan!

Chris: Broncos

David: J-E-T-S. Jets. Jets. Jets. Having the Super Bowl at MetLife Stadium is like the Jets being in the Super Bowl, right?

Favorite Super Bowl Tradition?

Scott: Love getting together with friends and picking the best ads.

Matt: $1 prop bets

Derek: Go to a friends house and grill hamburgers & hot dogs.

Chris: I have two young kids…

David: Friends & Food!

Who are you rooting for?

Scott: Being from Omaha, I can’t not root for Peyton

Matt: Still undecided!  Just hoping for a great game as of now.

Derek: Seattle Seahawks. I made a bet with a friend at the beginning of the playoffs that any team would win the Super Bowl besides the Denver Broncos.

Chris: Broncos

David: The commercials. I’m hoping they perform.