Tips to save money on concert tickets

Concert tickets can get tremendously expensive. They get even more expensive when you’re going to see the major performers you want. Last year’s most expensive shows included Madonna, the Rolling Stones, and Barbra Streisand.

Clearly, you might have to work extra days and extra late just to see your favourite artists on stage. And when you do save enough cash to go and see a show, you would want to make sure the money spent has been worthwhile. Here a some tips to maximize your money for you next concert and save money on concert tickets.

1. Pick The Best Seats

A big part of enjoying a rather pricey concert is making sure you’ve got the best seats in the house. A best way to ensure this is to get familiar with each venue’s seating chart. Whatever show you’re seeing, you’re going to want to pick the ideal seats so you get the full experience of a rock concert or a hockey game.

Also know where things like a stage will be. This research can go a long way with seemingly “cheap” tickets sold behind the stage and with blocked views, etc.

2. Buy Your Tickets Early

Another key aspect to make sure you get your money’s worth for any show is to buy early — before all the good tickets sell out. Know the day tickets go on sales and prepare to buy them the moment they’re available. Some shows can sell out as quickly as 15 minutes.

3. Go Online

So you need to know about upcoming concert tour dates. You’ll want to find a reliable online source that delivers up-to-the-minute and accurate information about concerts and shows; you might also want to pick an online source that does ticket price comparisons. Some ticket outlets offer a much lower price than other outlets, for the same artist. You might even discover some pretty good bargains, if you look hard enough. Shop around for tickets. You never know when you’ll be able to save a quid on a major concert.

It pays to do a bit more research into the concert you want to see. Choose great seats. Shop around for ticket prices. Buy early. And enjoy the show.

About the author:

Yonex Sterno is a photographer and a part-time writer who loves to travel and watch various concerts, and other types of entertainment. He shares his experiences through writing. Indeed, he writes in behalf of