Responsible Tourism: Balancing Enjoyment And Preservation

Campaigns for tourism have been evolving over the years. Such campaigns are touted more as destinations, rather than being an entirety of the term “Tourism.” You have to remember that whenever you are on a tour, it suggests that you are entering the home of someone else, rather than a new place.

Responsive and sustainable travel

I have visited numerous tourist destinations across the globe and have come across different people and cultures. What I have witnessed or felt while on such tours is that the people who are engaged in them embrace values of the place. However, the sad part is that the people, who visit these places as tourists, somehow fail to accept and adopt these values and cultures. If this is done, then it can be a huge leap towards a better future for these destinations. I feel that you need to listen to the locals and create more opportunities that can connect the top level executives involved in the trade with the grass root workers. Remember that though the travel agents and travelers are the main players of this trade, the locals are equally important along with the resources they preserve. These resources are the ones that are prevalent naturally in the destination you visit.

This is what brings me to the term responsible tourism. This kind is according to me, treating all the people involved in a manner that you as a tourist will love to be treated. It is more common sense and application of good manners for the people and also the place.

The current trends

More and more travelers these days want their tours to be ones that are not invasive and beneficial for the locals. This is though a latest trend which is quite welcome. Such responsible travel understands the local culture and respects their patterns and living standards. I wish to again stress on the point that you are entering someone else’s region. Hence, it is mandatory that you give a thought to their home as you might give to your own.

We are finding encouraging trends that people are inclined towards a sustainable and eco-friendly way of touring destinations. The transformation is seen globally and is a positive sign in terms of responsive travel. Moreover, this goal of achieving responsive tourism is seen from both ends; the travelers as well as the locals. The idea here has to be to connect the virtual and natural worlds and live in harmony. You have to think global; however, do not forget the local community. The response has to be personal and emotional in terms of the natural resources.

Responsible tourism is hence based on human rights and ethics and means supporting the community as well as the intentions of the travelers. The travelers have to find better means to stay, enjoy and save nature in the process, while the locals have to find better avenues; or say have to create them to ensure that the natural resources, beauty of the place and the enjoyment of the travelers are all taken care of.

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