How to find the best travel agent for your next vacation

One of the most enjoyable things to do is to spend a vacation out of the country. Going to a new country, exploring new places and experiencing a new lifestyle is exhilarating. Nonetheless, organizing such a trip alone can also prove to be difficult from many. For those who find the task of organizing daunting, a great option may be to hire a travel agency.

Many are afraid of the expense of a travel agent, however, seasoned travelers know that hiring a great agent delivers many benefits. With so many travel agents online, here are some important steps to hire a trustworthy and reliable travel agency. Follow these tips to find the best travel agent.

Reputation matters

The reputation of an agency matters when choosing a travel agent. An agency with a great reputation typically means clear service and costs. Review an agency’s reviews on sites like Yelp or simply ask any agency for customer reviews.

Look for certification 

Before hiring any travel agency makes sure they are certified or licensed. This not only proves a certain level of expertise or knowledge but ensures they have access to travel deals you do not.

Compare prices

Travel agencies typically post pricing and deals online. Review these to determine target agencies, but always call to verify pricing and fees. Fees and booking costs are often unlisted so make sure you have the full picture.

Verify their network

One of the most important services a travel agent provides is their network of partners. For instance, if your flight is delayed, their network will not only notify you but also your hotels and transportation. Be sure to inquire about any agents network and verify that real partner companies exists (a single individual can’t track all flights).

Review any contract

Make sure that you review any contract and are aware of all fees and incremental costs. You don’t want surpises later.

The travel industry is more sophisticated than ever. A professional travel agent can help you navigate this new work to make travel preparations and ensure an enjoyable vacation experience.

About the Author

Donna Spencer is a writer and blogger for over 15 years. She writes on various aspects of the travel industry including travel agents and how to book a minicab. She enjoys travelling and trying to keep ahead of industry changes.