A Complete Guide to the Solomon Islands

Solomon Islands, a beautiful archipelago, lie to the east of Papua New Guinea in Melanesia. It is a group of many small and large islands such as Malaita, Sikaina, Santa Saber, Guadalcanal, Makira, etc. Honiara is the capital of Solomon. The place has very salubrious climate and is blessed with more than 270 types of tropical plants and flowers that can be witnessed in the islands of the Solomon. One can also spot a large number of active volcanoes here.

This amazing group of island is one of the popular holiday destinations among the tourists from different countries of the world. It is one of the most preferred traveling destinations among the history lovers, beach lovers, adventure and nature lovers. With striking beaches and other interesting tourist attractions, the place is also a famous travel destination among the honeymooners. Every year, lots of tourists travel to the Solomon Islands to spend a quality time with their loved ones as these islands are not heavy crowded.

People of the Solomon get engaged in fishing and agriculture to earn for their better survival. In addition to this, diving is another major business aspect in the Solomon Island that allows locals to earn well. Rich with various natural resources such as Gold, Zink and Nickel, the island has something for everyone. If you are planning your next trip to this appealing archipelago, then there are a few things that you must know about the Solomon Islands and its surroundings.

Facts about the Solomon:     

With the unique and ancient Melanesian culture, the Solomon Island is a ghostly yet beautiful place to visit. It has a chaotic history of war, slaving, cannibalism and cultural tensions. Today, it has been turned into a relatively calm and peaceful place that welcomes the travelers from around the globe. While visiting to this place, you can hardly guess the chaos once faced by the islands. You can even find the remains of WWII that will make you curious to get into the deep root of the facts and stories related to the war.

Accommodation in Solomon:

There are a wide range of hotels located throughout the Solomon Islands. Hotels in Solomon are packed with tourists during holidays and weekends since they offer some great facilities like massage, spa, etc. so that the visitors can relax. If you are planning a tour to this place, then it is suggested to book your accommodation in advance instead of facing problems later. You can simply book your accommodation in any good hotel like my favorite – the King Solomon Hotel.

Top Regions to Explore in Solomon:

Solomon has over thousands of scattered islands. Of course, traveling to all in one visit will not be possible for you. So, when struck in such a situation, make sure to at least travel to some of the top regions that are listed among the must visit places in the Solomon. Honiara, the capital of the Solomon is one of the most stunning islands. It is located on the island of Guadalcanal and very close to the Honiara international airport. So, you may start your journey from here only. Further, to enjoy the most exciting adventure activities and see the leftovers of WWII, you can visit Guadalcanal Island. If you are seeking a beach holiday, then going to Western Province is an ideal option for you. Also, traveling to Isabel & Central is best in case you want to take pleasure to the world’s finest scuba diving. Last but not the least, if you love trekking and exploring Kastom villages, then Malaita and Temotu is best place to travel for you.

Adventure in Solomon:

Solomon is a paradise for an adventure lover. You can enjoy various adventure sports like scuba diving, snorkeling, swimming, fishing and many other water sports. Furthermore, you can enjoy trekking in remote villages and explore the ruined routes to the live volcanoes. You can also checkout the fantastic range of orchids.

Travel Information for the Tourists:

The main hub to reach the Solomon Island is the Honiara International Airport situated on Guadalcanal Island. Located ten kilometers to the east of Honiara, you can easily get taxi and bus service to reach your destination from the airport. There are a few airlines that fly to Honiara regularly such as the Virgin Australia, Fiji Airways, Solomon Airlines and Air Niugini. Reserve your airlines tickets as most of them are heavily booked, especially during holiday season.

About the Author: 

Samantha is an adventure lover; she likes to explore and travel around the globe and pens down about the places he visits. She mostly likes to visit Islands and beach like Solomon, Nggela Sule Island and Malaita. After basking in the exquisiteness of the place, she loves to share her experience and views with the readers.