7 fun things to do in Australia

Crocodile Dundee, Neighbours and animals that can kill you – ask anyone to name three things which they associate with Australia and this is probably the answer you will get. While it’s true that the country boasts a who’s who of deadly wildlife and TV personalities, this of course is not all what the great Downunder has to offer, as there are an almost endless amount of activities to take part in!

In terms of its sheer size, Australia has easily one of the most diverse and interesting cultures you are ever likely to encounter, meaning that regardless of your preferences you are likely to find something to do or see that takes your fancy. Discover 7 fun things to do in Australia.

1. Surfing!

You can’t go to Australia and not go surfing – it’s a rite of passage that everyone who has been there must ride a wave. With beautiful weather and vast oceans, there’s nothing quite like catching the perfect wave in sunny Oz!

2. Taking in the culture

Australia is so big that it’s practically its own continent, so you’re likely to encounter a vast amount of people from a number of different backgrounds and communities. Whether you’re interested in its rich history, vibrant music scene or cuisine, make sure you get to know the real Australia that the travel guides don’t tell you about.

3. Aussie rules Football

Australians are very passionate about their sport just like us, especially when it comes to cricket and rugby, but they also have their own sport too: Aussie Rules Football. For anyone who doesn’t know or understand it, it’s like a combination of rugby and football but way more fun and at times confusing – a must see!

4. A sleepover at the Zoo

If you’re ever in Sydney and have a passion for animals and wildlife, then why not take up the chance to sleep at a Zoo? This takes camping to another level as you get to sleep under the stars with the animals while enjoying a roast feast and fine drinks, then when morning comes wake up to views of the Opera House and Harbour Bridge.

5. Climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge

If you’re the type of person who enjoys life in the fast lane then you might be interested in climbing Sydney’s iconic Harbour Bridge. At 134 meters up it can be a great way to take in Sydney from a whole new perspective as you will witness a spectacular view of Sydney Harbour, the Opera House, and the city in all its beauty, a view most Aussies have never seen.

6. Head to the beach

If there’s one thing Australia isn’t short of it’s beaches (it is an island after all), and with a little over 16’000 miles of coastline there certainly won’t be any crowding issues. Australia is host to some of the greatest beaches throughout the world, including Bondi beach in Sydney, the Gold Coast in Queensland and Cable beach with its beautiful, shimmering waters

7. Visit Cradle Mountain

Cradle Mountain has some of Australia’s most stunning scenery and the iconic national park is even a World Heritage Site, as it is teaming with wildlife such as Tasmanian Devils, wallabies, wombats, brush tail possums and so on.

About the Author:

Sam Bradshaw works with The Emigration Group in Chester. She has spent 2 years travelling Australia and New Zealand on a working holiday visa and is looking forward to her next adventure wherever that might take her!