Top 10 Places to Explore the Ultimate Wilderness of Australia

With its stunning landscape, freshest air, bustling cities, laid-back lifestyle of locals, breathtaking beaches, lush green forests, magnificent mountain peaks, mouth-watering cuisines, and awe-inspiring history and culture, Australia ranks in the top 10 travel destinations on earth.

If you are dreaming some of the most jaw-dropping scenes of outer space, planning to take a tipple in a bar channeling a new persona within you, and take an unexpected turn while on the road while in the country, campervan rental Australia is the answer.

For adventure travelers, below is a list of Australia’s top 10 places or landmarks that give you insights into the amazing and unforgettable wildlife and natural habitat of the country. Explore the ultimate wilderness of Australia!

1. Lady Elliot Island

Home to pristine water seen far from the offshore, a shimmering lagoon and picture-perfect reefs straight off the beach, Lady Elliot Island is an ideal place to enjoy scuba diving and snorkeling. It is a big challenge to find any other island in the world that can match the diversity and accessibility of Lady Elliot Island.

2. Kakadu

Rewarded by UNESCO as a world heritage site, this national park of Australia is almost half the size of Switzerland extending over a stretch of 7,646 square miles. Kakadu is home to a large number of diverse and dynamic habitats, from woodlands, rugged gorges, estuaries, wetlands and rivers to rocky formations.

3. Daintree Rainforest

Found at the northern end of the Queensland state of Australia, the Daintree Rainforest is the largest tropical rainforest of the country, extending over an area of 1004 square miles; meaning it is 762 times bigger than the central park of the New York City.

4. Shark Bay

For wildlife lovers, Shark Bay is a must-see destination of Australia. This hottest wildlife spot of Australia is home to many animal species including dolphins, whales, a few centuries old Stromatolites, turtles and Dugongs.

5. Adelaide River

Pay a visit to the Adelaide River Heritage Railway Museum and WW II War Cemetary on your way to another UNESCO World Heritage Site Litchfield National Park. Board a cruise and watch the major attraction of this iconic landmark; you may also encounter jumping crocodiles on your cruise tour.

6. Phillip Island

This Australian island is mainly famous for its exciting wildlife scenes and its motor sport excursions. Around 40% of the mainland is nature parks and devoted to tourism business of the country.

7. Port Lincoln

Nicknamed as the seafood capital of Australia, Port Lincoln thrives on the largest fleet of commercial fishing species in the country. It is one of the best places in the world to enjoy cage diving with Great White Sharks.

8. Kangaroo Island

No tour to Australia is complete without visiting this island. Upon your arrival, you will find a wide array of local cuisines, lots of art scenes and history sites on the mainland. One third of the mainland is declared as a national park, a reserved area for the wildlife of the island.

9. Wine Glass Bay

The isolated and one-of-its-kind Wine Glass Bay is one of the finest beaches in the world. It is located within the geographical boundaries of the Freycinet National Park in Tasmania.

10. Fraser Island

Home to many dazzling beaches, Fraser Island flaunts amazing blend of dune lakes, magnificent rainforests and several distinctive natural wonders. It is also the largest sand island on earth.

So, when is the next time you are traveling to Australia? Don’t miss to explore these 10 places during your trip to this fascinating country.

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