Party Planning 101: Tips to find the best venue for your next party

Sometimes travel comes to you for weddings, birthdays, and other life events. For these cases, here are venue tips from an expert guest blogger to help you plan the best party.

Parties and celebrations are always a big and important deal.  Whether it is a child’s first birthday party, a wedding or a company’s annual sports fest, finding a suitable venue is essential to the success of the event. As with any other endeavor, choosing a suitable location requires careful thinking and sufficient time for preparation.

Below are a few tips – my Party Planning 101 – to help any regular party or event planner with choosing the proper and best venue for the particular occasion or affair to be celebrated:

Look beyond the visual

When looking for a suitable venue you should look past the gorgeous backdrop offered by a location. While, indeed, a picturesque location can make an event more memorable, there are other factors to consider. Among these are the amenities offered by the place. When visiting a potential place for the venue, make sure to ask pertinent questions including the availability of concierge or information desks, restrictions and other caveats.

During the actual visit, take careful note of how well maintained the grounds are as well as the other parts of the site that you are going to use. Check also if there would be adequate parking for the guests or ask the facility staff about other parking options. If the event will last well into the night, ask about lighting options available. Other important considerations include restroom and medical access. Because the weather can be hard to predict, it would also be advisable to also ask about the availability of marquee hire. You location may have pleasant weather, but nobody can be entirely sure that it would be perfectly clear on the day of the event.

It would also be a definite plus if the event venue offers access to audio-visual equipment including microphones, television screens, white boards, and such as this leaves you with one less item to tick off your checklist.

Focus on the food

Another important item to decide on is the choice of caterer. Be reminded, however, that not all event venues allow third party firms to serve food in their place. Some have a list of preferred caterers that you have to select from. If the venue does accept caterers, there may be a need to check with the caterer about the facilities and equipment they may require or bring to the event venue.

Never, under any circumstance, opt for a venue that has not inspected. This is the quickest route to a party disaster.

Though the above tips are very simple, they are very helpful and can make or break any party or event that will be celebrated.

About The Author:

Yonex Sterno is a professional photographer and events planner assistant who loves to capture the beauty of nature along with the cherished moments happening in a person’s life. She is also an artist and writer. One of her simple pleasures in life is attending parties that celebrate a person’s life and success. She had some assistance with this article from