Barcelona Nightlife

Barcelona is known in Spain for its amazing and wild nightlife. If you’ve ever been there before, you’d know that nightlife starts with dinner, moves to a bar, and then a club and lasts all through the night. Nothing beat Barcelona Nightlife. Check out these amazing places to party it up in Barca!

1. Opium Mar: 

Located right on the beach (as well as many of the other clubs), Opium is in a prime location. Its maze-like space and cornucopia of big-name DJs, Opium Mar is one of the most talked about venues in all of Barcelona. The club stays open until 6 am, and has six bars as well as several cordoned-off VIP areas. Opium has amazing bottle service and great music, so you’re bound to have an exciting night!

2. Shoko Club: 

Shoko is one of the biggest and most popular clubs on the beach strip. It offers a restaurant, bar and dance floor all under one roof! You can go outside on the terrace to enjoy a drink with friends or meet new people, or you can dance the night away inside. The DJs mostly play house and upbeat music all night long. Shoko is very popular among tourists, so it’s likely that you’ll meet other Americans as well as people from all over the world.

3. Ice Barcelona: 

This bar, made entirely of ice, is so cold that visitors are only allowed inside for a limited amount of time. Bar goers are given big jackets and gloves before entering. Everything, even the cups are made of ice. Most tourists love going inside and enjoying a drink while taking pictures in front of the big ice castle! If you’re ever in Barcelona, it’s definitely an experience worth trying.

4. Chupitos: 

If you don’t like to take shots, chupitos is not for you. Chupitos (meaning “shots” in Spanish) is a bar that only serves shots. More than 200 different shots are served in this small, cozy bar. The bartenders get very creative; there are shots served with tiramisu, creme, cucumber, bananas, marshmallows, and anything else you can think of. Each shot is only 2 euro each, no matter what kind of alcohol is in it. It’s definitely a fun experience for tourists! There are two different Chupitos shot bars, both owned by the same owner.

5. Razzmatazz:

One of Barcelona’s biggest clubs, Razzmatazz contains five different club spaces in one giant warehouse-style building. You can spend your whole night in one room and feel like you’ve been in your own club all night! If you’re up for adventure, you can get lost in the maze of loud dance floors and confusing corridors. There are numerous bars within each room, and the music is very eclectic – varying across nights and the different rooms each night. Barcelona’s young hipsters and tourists from all over go to Razzmatazz for a crazy and fun night out.

6. Catwalk: 

Also located along the beach in the Barceloneta area, you can enjoy some cocktails in the beachside bars before heading to the club. Catwalk has a capacity of around 1000 people over two floors. Downstairs, there is a large dance floor with seating areas and bars around the edge. Upstairs is more of a chill area, where you can relax and talk with friends or meet new people. It is one of Barcelona’s most well-known clubs, attracting international DJs on a regular basis. Past DJs have included Eric Morillo, Roger Sanchez and The Unabombers. This club attracks a young and glamorous crowd.

7. CDLC: 

With a lounge and restaurant area at the front of the venue overlooking the sea, CDLC has a capacity of about 500 people. The music covers genres including R&B, house and electro. You are less likely to find an international DJ here because they focus more on the local talent.

8. Macarena Club: 

Located in the Gothic Quarter in the city center just off Las Ramblas, Macarena Club has a reputation for having one of the best sound systems in Barcelona. It is small, with a capacity of about 300 people, but very, very loud. The shape of the club means that there’s no escaping the pounding minimal, house and techno. There is a dance floor with a mazzanine area above.

9. George Payne’s Irish Pub: 

Unlike the above clubs, George Payne’s is an exciting Irish Pub with great deals on drinks. If you’re feeling a little homesick, all of the bartenders speak English, and they even have karaoke every Thursday night! Many of the people you will meet here (in my experience) are not from Barcelona, but from the U.S. or the UK! The bartenders are all very friendly, and it is a great place to have a more relaxed night out in Barcelona if you’re not into the big club scenes.

10. Ovella Negra: 

This big drinking tavern, Black Sheep in English, is also a more relaxed scene where you can sit and drink/talk with friends. Located near Razzmatazz at the Poble Nou side of town, one side of the building is filled with pool tables and table football machines, while the other side is one big hall with tables. In Black Sheep Bar you will find a bunch of students and expats filling up on large sangrias and jugs of beer, especially on Saturday night before heading to Razzmatazz. The bar is also known for being a haven if you want a rowdy night full of English speakers and some of the largest yet cheapest drinks Barcelona can offer you! It is usually a very crowded and noisy atmosphere. Many people go here to watch a game on the big screen while enjoying some drinks.