5 Things to Love about Christmas in the Caribbean

If you’ve been meaning to get away to some tropical destination for the holidays, then a trip to the Caribbean is a good choice. Instead of white snow, you get white sand on your feet; instead of snowflakes on the windowsill, you get ice in your local cocktail. Still interested? Here are five other things to love about Christmas in the Caribbean.

1. Warm weather

Wishing for sun and sand this Christmas? If you’ve gotten tired of the cold December weather at home, the Caribbean’s warm climate would fulfill your holiday wishes. Imagine not having to wear layers and layers of clothing and feeling the gentle tropical breeze on your face – sounds great, right? You also get to show off your new bikini even at the height of December. Warm weather allows you to do a lot of water sports activities, too.

2. Sunset cruises

Going on a cruise is a great way to spend the holidays – and taking that cruise in the Caribbean makes it even better! Apart from the breathtaking scenery and amazing accommodation, you can expect festive holiday treats onboard all throughout the trip. And the fun doesn’t stop with the kids alone. There’s merriment for all ages – visits from Santa, special meals, countdowns to midnight, seasonal decorations and other innovative festivities.

3. Relaxing atmosphere

Home to miles of idyllic beaches, amazing food, and friendly people, the Caribbean islands is a great sanctuary for stressed-out souls. Just hearing the words “Caribbean vacation” would make anyone feel relaxed.

With the hustle and bustle of the holiday rush at home, it would be great to take a break and fly out for ultimate relaxation. Don’t worry about leaving the season behind because most resorts stick to holiday traditions with twinkling lights and other holiday displays. If you’re looking to add romance, book your stay in an all-inclusive Caribbean resort with adult vacation packages.

4. Christmas markets and local festivals

Do you feel you’re missing out on Christmas shopping? Don’t fret. Jamaica’s Christmas markets provide great holiday entertainment for both locals and foreigners every year. It is a glittering, unique tradition that featured a sale of crafts, toys, food, Christmas items, music, and street dancing. Stalls are heavily decorated with balloons or all shapes, large bells, and colorful streamers.

5. Boxing day

Experiencing the magic of Christmas in the Caribbean is unlike any other. Most English-speaking Caribbean islands celebrate “Boxing day,” which is not related to boxing matches at all. Also called “Christmas second day,” this occasion was originated by “boxing” up old toys and giving them to the poor. In the present day, Boxing day is the extension of the Christmas holidays with more food and visitors.

About the author:

Melissa Page loves Christmas as much as she loves writing. When she’s not writing, she’s busy planning out her next trip. Her favorite Caribbean destination is Couples Resorts in Jamaica. Follow her on Twitter @Melissapage90.