Save Money! The best budget destinations around the world

It is great to travel for the holidays! Though the holidays are expensive, travelers can save money by travelling to budget (but fun) destinations around the world.

Stretch your dollar and save money on travel. Discover and explore the best budget destinations around the world.


Apart from wonderful people, India offers good landscapes, religious sanctuaries and culture. A visit to Delhi and the Taj Mahal offers great fun. Visit the forts at Rajasthan, the camel safaris at night or tiger viewing. Buy crafts, fabrics and jewelry at the cheap prices. For a great adventure, India costs very little once there.


Syria is a true budget travel destination. There are excellent street foods like Shwarma, Falafel and coffee.  One can travel from Damascus to Aleppo. With a small family, one can spend as low as $100 on food for a weekend and the old town of Damascus gives your family a place to enjoy.


This is by far the cheapest place to travel with very affordable meals and reasonable mid-level hotel accomodations. Visit the Sunderbans national park to spot tigers and move through paddle boats to various places with the family.


With a budget of just $15 a day, one can do a lot in Nicaragua. Have fun with the local music or trekking to volcanoes.

Washington DC

Travelers and their family’s truly save on a visit to Washington. Visit the Lincoln Memorial, the National Museum for Airspace, the Library of Congress, and The White House all for free. Other great sites include the Aquatic gardens and Kenilworth Park.


Honduras is a very reasonable destination. Visit the rain forests, go bird watching, and follow the monkey trails. Visit the Mayan ruins with the whole family, or check out hiking and skiing expeditions. Scuba diving is a great sport which is also surprisingly reasonable. Also, look to Bay Island for one of the most budget friendly spots.


This French capital is the European city every family wants to visit. Stroll the streets to buy baked baguettes, cheese, and wine. On a sunny day, relax at the Pont Neuf or at Notre Dame. And eat delicious food with restaurants spanning price ranges.


Located in Africa, Namibia¬†is among the cheapest destinations (in-country) for travelers who love backpacking. Use public transportation to reach your destination, which is very efficient. For accommodations look to reasonable mid-level hotels and don’t forget to visit the Skeleton Coast.


Guatemala is a great place that exposes you to so many different cultures at once. In Antigua, you can take pictures of the ancient city and volcanoes. Go swimming in Lake Atitlan with your family, and then enjoy affordable meals in restaurants and on the street.


The Philippines offers the best beaches for the entire family. Surf your way through the country and sample unique cuisine at budget prices. At the Zambale Coast, try camping on the beach and enjoy ferry rides to different Islands.


Bali has great beaches and delicious green paddy rice eat. Visit the volcanic peaks with your family and don’t miss the beautiful sacred temples and shrines.


Argentina is a great and reasonable destination. Sample cheap red wine and delicious steak and enjoy the beautiful landscape. Take advantage of the reasonable public transportation in Buenos Aires and look for the surprisingly budget mid-level hotels.

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