5 Types of Cheese Worth Traveling For

For those of you who love cheese, this post is for you! From smooth gouda to sharp cheddar, cheeses around the world are varied as the locations they originated from. Each has a unique history, and for true cheese lovers, they are worth the trip! Enjoy our five favorite types of cheese worth traveling the globe to eat.

1. Parmigiano-Reggiano (Parma, Italy): 

No cheese-tasting experience is complete without Parmesan! This cheese has almost remained unchanged in its creation process and taste since the 12th century. In Parma, Italy, you can tour dairies, visit the Parmigiano-Reggiano Museum, and taste the samples of delicious cheese at the museum cafe. For dinner you should visit Trattoria Santa Chiara, where your meal starts with a plate of fresh Parmesan.

2. Brie (Jouarre, France): 

Brie was first royally loved by King Charlemagne in 774 BC. Located just outside of Paris, Jouarre is the place to visit, where this cheese is crafted and loved. Visit Fromagerie Ganot to tour the Brie Cheese Museum, where you can sample cheese and drink some wine.

3. Gruyere (Gruyeres, Switzerland): 

Located in the alpine foothills, this part of Switzerland is home to some delicious cheese. You can learn all the secrets to Gruyère-making at le Maison du Gruyere or dine at their restaurant, where you can enjoy a three-course cheese menu! Fromagerie les Martel also offers factory tours and a cheese shop.

4. Roncal (Navarre, Spain): 

Visit Kabila Enea Cheese Factory and the Cheese Museum to try some of Spain’s most illustrious cheeses. These cheese are dated back to the 13th century when citizens of the Roncal Valley raised sheep, drove them to the mountains in the spring and back to the valley in the fall in order to produce rich, delicious cheese. Dine at Europa Restaurante in Pamplona for some Navarran cooking and finish with a dessert cheese platter.

5. Mozzarella (Sorrento, Italy): 

Last but not least, mozzarella is definitely a cheese worth traveling for. Made around Naples, this Italian cheese is one of the most popular in Italy. Check out a cheese factory tour in Sorrento to try braiding fresh mozzarella and sample the amazing, fresh cheese afterwards!