Haunted Bars in America

With Halloween just around the corner, what better way to celebrate than having a spooky drink at a haunted bar? Check out these 5 haunted bars across the United States that are home to ghosts and spirits!

1. Ear Inn: New York, New York

The Ear Inn is one of New York’s oldest bars, and it has been serving drinks to customers since the early 19th century. Located right next to the Hudson River, the inn was visited frequently by merchants, pirates and sailors. The building was also allegedly used as a brothel during the 19th and early 20th century when it was also a speakeasy. Many people claim to have seen the spirits of the past customers at the inn. The most well-known ghost is a sailor named Mickey, who was killed in front of the Ear Inn.

2. Menger Bar: San Antonio, Texas

The bar opened in 1859, making it one of the oldest bars in the U.S. At the time of its opening, San Antonio was home to Civil War soldiers, gun fights, and notorious outlaws. The bar opened with the Menger Hotel, with is often referred to as the “most haunted hotel in Texas.” Some people say that there are 32 different entities roaming the bar and hotel. Some ghosts, such as Teddy Roosevelt, are said to be friendly, while others don’t enjoy visitors as much.

3. Whitehorse Tavern: Newport, Rhode Island 

Being that it is the oldest bar in the United States, of course the Whitehorse Tavern is going to have some haunted guests roaming around. The tavern was opened in 1673, and used to be a boarding house in the 20th century and British military quarters during the Revolutionary war. One ghost is said to be an elderly gentleman who died while renting a room upstairs in the early years. He has been spotted by many people, although he doesn’t have a name. There is another ghost, a small girl, who has often been heard crying.

4. Tiger’s Tap Room: Tucson, Arizona

This bar is extremely creepy due to its active, talking ghosts. People have heard voices excusing themselves or blessing you after you sneeze, and seen bodies appearing in the hallways and windows. Employees have received phone calls from empty rooms requesting room service. The hotel and bar was opened in 1919, and was visited by many corrupt characters. Room 242 of the hotel is where a guest committed suicide. The bullet hole is still visible on the closet door. Many people have claimed to wake up in the middle of the night to see the woman watching them sleep. One man even claims he woke up to his dog barking at the bathroom, where he found all of his things stuffed into the toilet and the bathtub full of water!

5. Amaud’s: New Orleans, Louisiana

Opened in 1918, this bar and restaurant is located next to the famous Bourbon Street, right in the middle of some of America’s most active spirit haunts. The bar is haunted by a bunch of ghosts, including those believed to be the spirits of opium fiends, apparitions of men enjoying a late night at a bar, and even Arnaut himself appearing in the bar. Stop in for a spooky visit and enjoy some cocktails this Halloween!

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