5 Best Places to Have a Cup of Coffee

Most people like to start off their day with a cup of coffee to wake them up and get them energized. Coffee is both an opinion and an addiction. We put together a list of great spots around the world to grab a cup of joe!

So explore the 5 best places to have a cup of coffee!

1. Havana.

Cubans like their coffee served strong, black and sweet in small espresso-sized cups. Brews are homegrown in the Escambray and Sierra Maestra Mountains. If you’re ever in Havana, stop by the local Cafe de las Infusiones!

2. Rome.

Italians definitely take their coffee seriously! Do as the Romans do and order an amazing cappuccino. I promise, it won’t disappoint you.

3. Seattle.

This city’s coffee definitely makes up for its lousy weather. Seattle is the city where Starbucks originated, but Caffe Vita is also a great choice to grab a cup of joe.

4. Istanbul.

Turkish coffee, or Türk kahve, is brewed thick and powerful. Tea is more popular, but you definitely wouldn’t have trouble finding a nice cup of coffee. One traditional coffee house is Etham Tezcakar Kahveci.

5. Vienna.

Last but not least, the “Coffee Capital of the World,” Vienna. Its coffee houses are famous, and the sheer number of coffee houses is staggering. Each one has its own unique flair.