Announcing the Travefy Campus CEO Program

We are very excited to announce the new Travefy Campus CEO Program!

Campus CEOs are the voice of Travefy on their college campuses. These are students who:

  • love to travel and love innovative tools
  • are entrepreneurs and leaders
  • have a strong social media voice and marketing experience

What does a Campus CEO do?

Campus CEOs have some responsibilities, but they are easy and fun! Key responsibilities include:

  • Promoting Travefy to their campus via social media such as Facebook posts and tweets
  • Building relationships with other groups on campus who love to travel
  • Organizing a travel planning party
  • Attending a monthly video chat with other Campus CEOs across the country, which include expert speakers

Campus CEOs have tons of benefits!

Campus CEOs will not only have the chance to build their resumes and gain valuable marketing and entrepreneurial skills, but they will also be featured on Travefy’s blog and website. They can receive tons of Travefy giveaways such as t-shirts, mugs, and more!

Campus CEOs will gain great networking opportunities and the chance to see new Travefy products and features before anyone else. If they compete in the Fall challenge and get students to create accounts or book trips through Travefy, they can earn awesome prizes like an Apple TV and iPad Mini!