Social Media Impact on Travel

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and so many more sites consume our lives daily. Social media is more prominent than ever, and it is used for both business and pleasure. It has a big impact on society, but has it changed the way we travel, too?

Social media has amplified the word-of-mouth effect. Most people seek advice about trips from their family and friends. Therefore, if a family member or friend posts on Facebook about how much they loved the hotel they stayed at in Hawaii, then you’ll most likely consider staying there if you visit Hawaii. Likewise, if someone posts about how much they hated the airline they used for their trip, you’ll most likely not want to use that airline if your friend had a bad experience.

People use social media to post pictures of their vacations as well. You’re constantly being updated on what your friends are doing thanks to the photos they post on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. These pictures can even help you decide where you want to go for your next vacation. People can also “check in” on sites such as Four Square, Facebook, and Instagram. So you’ll see where your friends are, whether it’s a bar, restaurant, or hotel. In this way, social media is helping these places advertise without even meaning to.

Thanks to social media, interacting with companies is much easier and more efficient. Most companies have their own Facebook page, Twitter, and Instagram account that you can follow. You no longer have to write a long letter or email to a hotel or airline if you have a comment, suggestion, or complaint. Instead, you can tweet at them or comment on Facebook, and a lot of the time they will answer you! Companies want you to interact with them on social media so they know what they are doing right and what they can do better.

You can follow different accounts on Twitter for deals and bargains as well! Accounts such as @smartertravel, @travelbargains, and @travelzoo post travel deals all the time. All you have to do is follow them, and their posts will pop up on your feed with amazing deals and tips.

Check out this info graphic we found that shows how people are using social media for traveling!

Social media has changed the way we travel, and will continue to have a big impact on the travel industry. How do you use social media when you’re traveling? Comment below or tweet us @travefy!