No Passport, No Problem

Every traveler’s worst nightmare is forgetting something important at home, especially their passport. How are you supposed to get anywhere without it? Imagine you’re running late at the airport, you forgot your passport, you don’t have a boarding pass, and you don’t know what gate you’re supposed to be at. You’re doomed, right? Wrong.

No passport, no problem. The way we travel is changing, and we no longer have to worry about forgetting our passport thanks to our smart phones.

30 years ago we could have never imagined being able to use our phones for anything and everything. We can send emails, take pictures and videos, use the Internet, and basically use our smart phones to organize our lives.

Apple’s iOS6 launch on the iPhone made the debut of its new Passbook app, which acts as a digital wallet. It manages everything from hotel and flight reservations to loyalty and gift cards, and makes it easy for you to access documents such as boarding passes, tickets, and coupons. A bunch of airlines have already embraced the app, including United, American, and Lufthansa.

Technology is changing the way we travel. We can use our apps to check which gate our flight should be at, and if our flights are on time or delayed. Most of the time, if you check in on your phone within 24 hours of your flight, you won’t even have to stand in line to get your boarding pass. Other apps can help you view your flight information and offer replacement flights if you want to change your flight. Our phones have become our number one companion while traveling because they help us with anything we need. People who used to worry about traveling alone now don’t have to worry about being alone in a foreign place because they can use their phone as a guide for whatever they need. Experts say in the future, passports will even be replaced with something digital!

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